July 12-21 2019

Journey into the Heart of Brazil


Brazil: The Earth's Heart Chakra

  • Our lovely retreat accommodation is located in the heart of Brazil. It is situated on rose quartz bedrock surrounded by pristine waterfalls. This deeply healing setting will accelerate your transformation physically, spiritually and emotionally


Spiritual Healing

  • Release inherited family patterns, trauma and soul wounds through family constellations and equine therapy
  • Expert shadow awareness to clear and raise your frequency 


Nourishing Traditions

  • Nourish the body with healthy organic tropical cuisine
  • On-site Ayurvedic therapist 
  • Connect to Indigenous knowledge of sustainable heirloom seed banks and farming ~ and an opportunity to stay 3 additional days volunteering in creating an agroforest inside an indigenous community ~rare opportunity! 

A Typical Day (meals and tours included in all packages)

6:00 am Yoga 

7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am – 12:00 pm Constellations and sign-ups for local healers  

(iridology, herbalism, herbal baths, mud baths, floral  

essences, music therapy, etc.) or day trip to  

beautiful local sites

12:00 pm Lunch 

12:30 pm – 6:00 pm Day trip to beautiful local sites or constellations and 

sign-ups for local healers (iridology, herbalism, 

herbal baths, mud baths, floral essences, music 

therapy, etc.).

6:00 pm  Dinner

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Local music or dance performances, 

 healing plant ceremony options


Family Constellations

Constellation methodology uses the systemic knowing field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members in subsequent and current generations.  Once the traumas are known, a space of truth is orchestrated, where emotions can be safely released, dissolving ancestral karma. 



Experience life changing shifts with indigenous wisdom in plant ceremonies; herbal, clay and sound baths; and other traditional healing modalities of choice. 


Equine Therapy

Horses hold a frequency and an energy field that dismantles our blockages and allows us to access parts of ourselves that were otherwise hidden to us. Allowing us to embrace love and healing fully.



All packages include all meals, yoga, accommodation, musical performances,  dancing and dance lessons, moon ceremony, local tours, representing in family constellations and 2 scheduled pick-ups to and from the airport. *It does not include airfare* Tickets should be purchased for July 11th (if traveling internationally), to arrive by July 12th to Brasilia, Brazil. 

VIP Platinum Earlybird $8,991 USD ($9,397 after April 15)

 Private bedroom (Discount $775 off a second VIP ticket if sharing a bed)  All options listed below are paid for in this package. Also you are a priority in the scheduling of healing modalities and seeker role in family constellation

Gold Earlybird $5,977 USD ($6,391 after April 15th)

Shared bedroom ($514 discount if sharing a bed)
*Seeker role in family constellations and equine session one sacred plant ceremony included*

Silver Earlybird $2,998 USD ($3,394 after April 15th)

On-site camping and access to inside facilities ($514 discount for staying offsite) 

Features available and included with VIP

Tips are not included

Optional add-on experience

3 Day Immersion Volunteering in an Indigenous Community~ Rare opportunity!

This experience offers participants an opportunity to learn about the agroforestry system from the farmers' families of a local community. Essentially a 3 day traditional wisdom workshop on the creation and implementation of an agroforest module which would include the sacred techniques of soil preparation for cultivation and the specialized use of plant diversity and seed saving.  An opportunity for the integration between the participants and the local community, we promote this experience, bringing technical knowledge and conversation around caring for our environment, food safety and respect for indigenous culture and wisdom. 

What is an Agroforest?

An agroforest is our ancestral way of cultivating the land, combining tree species and crops. This combination can be done simultaneously or in sequence, bringing economic and ecological benefits. This form of agriculture has been practiced for thousands of years. And today, science has improved upon the techniques which have accelerated the processes of nature that help increase productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Topics Covered in Experience:
- Preservation of biodiversity and enhancement of native species. In an age where biodiversity is being eradicated by monocultures.  
- Integration and empowerment of intuitive and traditional knowledge  offering practical solutions to ecological challenges.  
- Impact and results of monoculture and intensive agriculture.  The implications to our food chains and cultural traditions.
- Traditional wisdom on agriculture,  healthy techniques and appropriate actions and ways forward to implement positive change. 


Accommodation includes camping on-site and all meals and tools for experience. All additional funds go into the local community improving their quality of life and facilitating the positive interaction and union between western culture and indigenous nations. 

Some partial  scholarships may be available, please get in touch with us if you are interested in this experience and we will send you more information. 

*If you are not interested in the 10 day healing retreat but are interested in this type of volunteering only, please do get in touch with us and we may be able to set you up with a more in depth immersion. 


Down payment/refund credit only

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


For further information on travel details, requirements and itineraries please email us.

Facilitators and Healers

Shauna Cuch


 Shauna is an expert in shadow clearing. She facilitates in transmuting darkness to light within electromagnetic fields. She uses many modalities of raising frequencies, and consciousness within ourselves and relationships. Certified in equine facilitated learning by Linda Kohanov and advanced training in constellations by Francesca Mason Boring.

Brigham Darger


 Brigham is the ceremonial shaman, who has received training from indigenous members of the Inga tribe (descendants of incans), who also learned sacred rituals and practices from the Cofan tribe in the amazon who otherwise have no other contact with civilization.  

Jason Darger


Jason facilitates in Equine facilitated learning as a horse whisperer. He welcomes you into a safe energetic container to release emotional blockages through the loving compassion and wisdom of the horses. He is trained by Kathleen McGarry in Equine Facilitated Learning and Constellations by Francesca Mason Boring.

Esther Shanti


Esther is a subtle energy reader. She does orchid divination sessions helping people enter a safe space to release deeply held beliefs and negative energy patterns. She has lived in Brazil and is responsible for helping organize the event, connecting healers from the USA with the beautiful healing power of Brazil. 

Ligie Acevedo


Ligie is an earth warrior. Formally trained in water restoration and kundalini yoga. She is spearheading sustainable ecological movements in Brazil. She is a central force in connecting the Brazilian elements of this retreat.  Divinely organizing the day trips and connection point with facilitators.  

Jade Powell


An intuitive body worker. Jade uses bars sessions to reprogram the DNA structure and energy systems of our being in order to integrate with the highest dimensional access point that we can manifest in our being. Jade is formally trained in speech pathology. 



Sandra is an iridologist, taking it a level past the standard iridology reading by being able to read your energy system through you eyes. This energy system reveals your life purpose and spiritual blocks in addition to physical barriers. 

Tomaz Aye


Thomaz is a musician and producer taking his inspiration from nature and simplicity. He currently facilitates a healing space to address various ailments through the frequencies of divine sound. This harmonizes the energy field and deepens self-knowledge.

Ambar Yanina


Ambar is a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and medicine woman. The exploration of movement is to invite presence within. To move and dance in presence is to experience the phenomenon of existence, the interface of new paradigms. 

Guiel Aguiar


A gypsy intuitive, Guiel serves those who are at the crossroads of life, going through times of transition and needing help to follow the journey, unleash the knots of the heart , free the cages of  self-limitations, open the blocked paths to  the voice of the heart to be heard. He offers sessions in tarot, reiki and aura readings.

Mari Romanholi


Mari is a massage therapist and also facilitates clay bath and herbal bath therapies. She sources the clay from the purest areas to allow for maximum detoxification of the body. She is also familiar with the area and beautiful ways to integrate yoga and other modalities within nature. 

Mãe da Lua


Mãe da Lua connects individuals to the sacred energy of mother Earth. She works with healing plants and therapies inside of nature. She facilitates clay and herbal bath therapies. 



A nature empath, Claudia will be guiding us through creating our own flower and crystal essences in celebration of the full moon. She will also be available for one-on-one sessions for a more specific remedies through the use of local flower essences. 



Jai integrates the philosophies of  Yoga with the foundations of Ayurveda, assisting people in healthy lifestyle choices as well as a preventive approach for health concerns. This approach involves guidance within nutrition and natural medicines and therapies.  

Jeanaina Calderon


 Jeanaina offers massage sessions as well as sessions in Tantric Numerology and Holistic Therapies, in particular therapies involving aromatherapy, herbs, oils, essences, teas and clay. She also works with movement, trained in kundalini yoga she understands movements that open the chakras and facilitate healing.