Why Constellations?

Constellation methodology uses the systemic knowing field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members in subsequent and current generations. These passed down traumas become blockages to our true nature, in living as free individuals, and allowing for our highest possible journey and alignment to our spiritual missions. Once the traumas are known, a space of truth is orchestrated, where emotions can be safely released, dissolving ancestral karma. Constellation methodology is a safe space to release stagnated energy of grief, trauma, depression, negativity, stress, anxiety, and disconnect from Source. 

Bert Hellinger, the creator of constellation methodology is a psychotherapist from Germany, who lived and worked among the Zulus in Africa as a missionary then a priest and a teacher for 16 years. He participated in Zulu ceremonies and gained a deep appreciation for their worldview. The inspiration for family constellation therapy emerged from these ceremonies. Today, constellation methodology is practiced in over thirty countries, and is used in many different settings including: ecology, business, community and politics.


Shauna Cuch and Jason Darger have been trained and certified by Francisca Mason Boring, a woman of the Shoshone tribe who has authored seven books on family constellations. 

How do I know if I'm carrying unresolved family trauma?


Are you struggling with unresolved conflicts, depression, or chronic illness?

Just as we inherit our eye color and blood type, we also inherit the residue from traumatic events that have taken place in our family. While our physical traits are easily discernible, this emotional legacy is often hidden from us. It can form a blueprint for our life that causes us to stay stuck in destructive patterns. 

Is shame running your life or causing you to hide or constantly seek approval from others?

Anxiety, fear, financial worries, depression, illness and unhappy relationships can all be forms of shame that we're unconsciously carrying. 

You can find out in one of our ancestral workshops whether or not these symptoms are systemically handed down from one or more of your grandparents or if it is a personal issue. If it is systemic, we can find out how far back and which one of your grandparents it came from and clear the pattern in your life.  

What people say:

"Every person's constellation experience at the retreat was individual and beautifully valuable. I was able to learn from other people's experiences as well as my own. I believe that this retreat can benefit anyone who genuinely wishes to heal inner issues and family rifts, break cycles and create new, fresh, vibrant and healthy energy. I highly recommend it."  Bridget Cook - Birch

Indigenous Wisdom for Emotional Healing



The 13 indigenous grandmothers of the world who were mentioned in, "13 Grandmothers Council the World", state that all disease starts when the spirit is sick with unresolved emotions.

Unresolved emotions and trauma have a negative vibration. If these emotions are stuck in the body, they become blocks in our energy systems until there is a safe space for their recognition and release. This is the primary function of constellations, revealing the truth of a situation and providing a safe space for its release so healing can take place. Everything starts energetically before it happens in the physical body. The Grandmothers also state that we must heal four generations back in order to heal the earth because we carry that shadow and we vibrate that energy until it is released. 

Four generations of healing within constellations, will bring powerful shifts in the family dynamics and noticeable transformations by three weeks.

Scientific Revelations in Epigenetics


"Biology stands on the brink of a shift in the understanding of inheritance. The discovery of epigenetics - hidden influences upon the genes - could affect every aspect of our lives". - from the BBC documentary, the Ghost in Our Genes. At the heart of this field is a simple but contentious idea - that genes have a 'memory'. That the lives of your grandparents - the air they breathed, the food they ate, even the stress they had - can directly affect you, decades later, despite never experiencing these things yourself. And that what you do in your lifetime could affect your grandchildren. Epigenetics proposes a control system of 'switches' that turn genes on or off - and suggests that things people experience, like nutrition and stress, can control these switches and cause heritable effects in humans.

How do I participate?


 Participants can choose among three levels of involvement: Observing from the circled seating, representing a person in someone’s else’s family, or placing their family in the circle using representatives. Family members are not required in the workshop. Participants reconstruct their “family system” to identify and solve fundamental issues. We each carry a “knowing field” (family imprint) that brings forth the phenomenon of “family presence” in the workshop.  

This method is used in thirty countries. It is used in court systems for mediation. In German, they use this method to get answers for engineering. It is also used to set up organizations and for business consulting purposes. This method has been used for information regarding ecological systems. It can also help you understand issues or illnesses for pets.


Conscious Parenting

Whose past are you unconsciously passing onto your children or grandchildren. Once you do your shadow work, they won't have to. They are pure light. Resolve challenging behaviors or illnesses that are showing up in your children.


Stress Relief

Find out what has been handed to you from your parents or ancestors that does not belong to you. Often participants find they were carrying stress that did not belong to them. Once the truth is revealed, the healing begins


Feel the freedom!

Love yourself enough to do your shadow work for you and your ancestors!


Keep attracting a version of your parent?

Anything incomplete with your parents will unconsciously show up in all your relationships until they are resolved. By owning it and doing your shadow work you are free of their patterns.


Release Deep Despair

For you or anyone you know in a deep state of despair and hopelessness there is a way out. Shadow work will give you clarity over confusion, peace over rage, and love over hate.

What is the purpose of Family Systems Constellation work?

Questions and Answers for Constellation Sessions

The purpose of family constellation work is to heal disruptions caused from pain or trauma somewhere in your ancestral line. These disruptions may become systemic by showing up in a consistent, continuous, and dysfunctional way. The inter-generational behavior then becomes imprinted for generations, creating emotional blocks and unhealthy family patterns. This pattern becomes embedded in our DNA which is inherited mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The pattern is unique to each person and causes a disconnect from love that disrupts our self-expression and authentic nature. 

Another cause of disconnect is when a family member was forgotten or snuffed out of the family or a child’s mind either by divorce, miscarriage, abortion or death. This may cause a void or disconnect that affects the family system going forward if not healed individually. 

These incompletions are passed on until someone takes the necessary steps to find resolve that helps ancestors rest in peace.  Parents can rest assured that harmony, love, and connection is a gift they can pass on to children and grandchildren after doing this work.

How does it work? 

Traumas may have impacted your family system.  Incidents that may have occurred might have wide reaching effects within your family system. Family constellation work uses the systemic knowing field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members and current generations. Acknowledging these conditions can allow a resolution to arise that honors everyone and restores the flow of love and acceptance. This enables healing within the family system.

Participants reconstruct their “family system” to identify and solve fundamental issues. Participants can choose among three levels of involvement: Observing from the circled seating, representing a person in someone’s else’s family, or as a seeker placing their family in the circle using representatives. Family members are not required in the workshop. We each carry a “knowing field” (family imprint) that brings forth the phenomenon of “family presence” in the workshop. 

Seeker in the chair

To be the seeker, one does not need to be put on the spot. They are simply observing the process. First think about what is not working in your life and discuss it with the facilitator or form a question around it. The answer will show up in the knowing field or later when you least expect it. Once the truth is out in the open then the movement of the soul begins and that is where the healing takes place.

There is often an element of surprise because we are expecting drama. Just allow the truth to manifest and integrate in your life.

This is not an environment where judgment applies, if you sit in judgement, you cannot receive the truth. The healing starts where the judgment ends. 

This is very gentle work but there are times when either the seeker, the representative or even someone in the circle will experience emotions that resolve the pain.

Allow the tears and emotions to flow because fear of vulnerability may slow down the healing process. The very reason we are dealing with it is because our ancestors did not know how to be vulnerable. The pain is causing emotional blocks that cause illnesses. Help your ancestors get complete!!! 

If you have been traumatized by one of your ancestors, this is a way to find completion. The resentment can be dealt with in the circle, otherwise, hanging onto it will eventually make you ill or bring that same vibrational experience repeated over and over.

If there was any kind of sexual or physical abuse in your past or you may know of something in your ancestor’s past, it is very helpful to speak to the facilitator about it during the break, so they can be discreet about anything that might come up. This work is so gentle, it is not necessary to retraumatize or put you through it again. It is actually very beautiful for everyone to witness the love and forgiveness that happens in the circle.  


One of the elements of the constellation is for the seeker to set up a representation for a family member so that they can observe the truth of what is there. 

If you are asked to be a representative, do not be concerned to get it right. Close your eyes at first and feel your feet against the floor. Hang out with that feeling; be present because nothing is expected of you. It happens naturally. 

Do not feel like you need to make something happen, just listen to your body and speak the truth that manifests itself with whomever you are representing. If there is a dead silence, just be with it and something will emerge, truth always does.

There is no time with this work, so there is no hurry. Just relax. Your body is a circle of light now, you are filling the entire room. We are all connected to truth, we are more inter-connected with one-another than we realize

While you are representing, if the facilitator suggests something for you to say and it does not feel right, say what feels right. 

Never speak directly to the seeker, only to the facilitator. The seeker must be able to feel safe at all times.

If asked to be a representative, check in,

If you’re not ready, you can say no

Protocol for constellation work

Refrain from speaking to the seeker about their constellation afterwards unless they speak to you or ask you a question. This puts them in their head and may bring them back into the story.

Refrain from discussing your experience with others for at least three weeks if your healing was profound so you don’t interfere with the movement of the soul.

What is said in the circle, stays in the circle unless the seeker says otherwise. Refrain from talking directly face to face with the client you are representing during the session

As a client, you can decide to end the session at any time. If it is too much for you, get in communication with the facilitator about how you are feeling or speak to any requests you might have.

We will be taking breaks, but even if you are just sitting in the chair, you will be processing your own stuff without realizing it. Most often, the circle is a collection of people with the same issues that have called you to this circle.

Take care of your Self throughout the day, take bathroom breaks when needed, lay down if you are feeling fatigued, walk around outside for a while. 

If there were emotions or things left unsaid to someone who has passed on, this is the time to get that complete. 

If you have a chronic illness in your ancestral line and it keeps showing up, this is a great time to open that up into the circle. We can represent the illness and allow it to speak to you.

Life after the constellation work

Take care of your Self afterwards, you will be processing your own “stuff” rather you’re a seeker or not just by sitting in the circle. Get a body message, take a bath, get lots of sleep, nature walk, soft music, meditation, whatever resource you have. If you release a lot of heavy energy, you will either feel very tired or very energized or both.

Many times, your first constellation is just the beginning of healing needed for your well-being. It is best to return and continue the process for at least four constellations. Then you can pay more attention to what is from your personal life time. 

By healing a huge void in the family system, you may experience a rush of emotions afterwards such as fear, shame, confusion, uneasiness, overwhelm or sadness. Rather than resist the emotion, take some time alone and BE with the emotion. Listen to what the body is expressing so that you can release it. We oftentimes resist being empowered by our own truth by resisting our not-truth. You will continue to have major break-throughs if you allow the awareness to open your heart for deeper healing. If you need help, feel free to text Shauna at 801 651 0539 or set a time to come over and do some crystal bowl and guided meditation to help you release even deeper.

What other kinds of benefits are there in addition to family systems?

Ask about our organizational constellations, disease and illness constellations, corporate business consulting constellations, what is not working and why constellations, marketing constellations etc. Truth for each person or organization is unique to them and making truth available to families and organizations is the heart of this work. 

Certification and qualifications:

This work is mainstream in thirty countries and practiced one on one in therapy sessions worldwide. Shauna Cuch has been trained and certified by Francesca Mason Boring, a Shoshone woman who is the acknowledged master of this work. Francesca has authored seven books on this method. She is well known and has traveled to several countries doing constellation work and healing Family Systems.

Trauma is when we have more than we can handle and we set up a wall or filters to block out family.
Trauma is when we have more than we can handle and we set up a wall or filters to block out family.