Dynamics & Differences (Men & Women)

We often make our partners wrong, yet it's not necessarily the other person, it's our misunderstandings of the way their mind works. There are several key differences between men and women and as we begin to learn and understand what those differences are, we can dramatically improve the way we relate to the other. 

What if women are not actually complicated, and what if men are actually attentive and present with their women? It just might look different from what the regular assumptions of what those words mean. Women and men have differing needs and the way they provide for each other and love each other, fundamentally are wired differently.

Beyond deeply understanding the differences between the sexes, there are several factors that are important to reveal so that the issues can be addressed appropriately. 


Are you both giving equally or is the responsibility of the relationship one sided? If one is over giving the other may leave because they feel too much guilt.

Who is really consciously available? Are the conflicts ancestral or personal in the relationship? Which parent are we incomplete with that we are trying to find completion with from our relationship?   

Let's explore this and many other issues so we can get them resolved energetically in the constellations. This methodology works wonders for communication and healing negative patterns within partnership. 

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Consider these Questions:

  • Are you struggling to find someone who is committed and available for a relationship?
  • Are you looking for a deeper meaningful relationship but the connection is not there?
  • Are you in a co-dependent relationship feeling like you are losing your self or your freedom trying to please each other?
  • What if men are not misbehaving? What if they are single focused on your happiness and cannot connect with you until they have transitioned?
  • What if women are not always emotional, men just don't understand how to hold the bucket while they unload emotions without fixing them?

Learn more about the differences in men and women and how much of your conflicts are caused by patterns from your parents' incompletions..

What People Say:

"Thank you for helping me discover the root of my numbness, pulling my healing to the center." Caitlin

Workshop Content


Healthy Boundaries

Lack of boundaries in any relationship is the major cause of dysfunction and conflict. Nothing can happen until you get out of each others business and quit trying to fix each other. Discover how to respect your sacred boundaries naturally without demanding it.


Emotional Availability

Find out if you are available or if your frequency is attracting someone who is unavailable. A true connection will present itself with this energetic unraveling.  


Team Building

Financial stress will break up a great relationship because both individuals get into survival/competition/hunter mode. Discover how to get on the same page, work together to create what you want. The magic happens when two or more come together as one.  

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Relationship or Partnership?

Find out the difference between true partnership with deep understanding and incompatibility via deep misunderstanding of how the other is wired, driving us to invalidate our partners needs.  


Emotional Relating

For a man to reveal his deepest feelings is akin to him revealing the battle plan to the enemy. If a woman doesn't feel heard she will hang onto her resentments forever. Discover how easy it can be to emotionally relate when these fundamental differences are deeply understood.


Effective Communication

 Harnessing single focus to create connection is the secret to connecting with men. They feel responsible when you are not happy and they need you to first give them the point then the details. Otherwise they lose focus and gain frustration in all of the details without knowing what is being talked about.

Dynamic & Differences

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