Parenting with Partnership

The strongest instinct of the parent is to make sure the child stays safe, which unfortunately often leads to ineffective tendencies to control, hover, and smother. In this type of environment children don't have the ability to blossom into the fullness of their own individual essence. Children need respect in order to respect the parent. They are the ultimate mirrors. 

It's an easy inclination for parents to project onto their children what they think is best for them to do and be. In some ways attempting to make mini versions of their ideal self. But these inclinations are clues to the parent's own incompletions within themselves and even with their own parents. In this workshop, parents get to first see the mirror which then becomes the greatest gift of insight that can be given to their children.  

How do we protect our children without imprinting our own fears and incompleteness upon them? 

Family constellation methodology is not only an incredible way to reveal patterns and dynamics within these relationships but also to energetically shift what needs healing. Whether the parent is having a hard time letting go, trusting or allowing the child to be them-self, these energetic connections can be easily altered within the constellation circle

How do I know if this Workshop is for me?


Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do your co-parenting styles conflict with one another?
  • Do you give and give as a parent with no return or appreciation from your children or they take advantage of you?
  • Do you have a difficult time getting your children to communicate their deeper feelings because they hold everything in?

You will be able to resolve any issues by getting to the deeper, underlying reasons  why you created these dynamics, and heal them by restoring love and connection in the family.

What People say:

"The "constellations" healing/truth circles that Shauna facilitates were much more important than anyone could ever imagine. I witnessed many times as people were able to connect with and understand painful issues with family or other relationships in the present or the past. I even asked questions about my business with some surprising answers. I have attended many constellations before the retreat and I will attend many more whenever I get the chance. Shauna is kind enough to make these available at least once a month in the Salt Lake area. She is thoughtful, patient, and quite through in what she uncovers."  -- Doris Kunz

Shauna Cuch

Shauna is sixty-six years young and the mother of seven sons and four daughters. As a child, she had severe learning disabilities which was the result of improper parenting philosophies, and led to much struggle for her in school. She didn't make it past 10th grade as she was married young. But, she dedicated herself to making sure the same mistakes weren't made within her own family. She dedicated her life to give them the education she never had. Widowed at forty-two, she had no choice but to go to work, which resulted in her children returning to the school system, where they all tested ahead. They are now very successful in their careers. 


Discover how to create a partnership with your child in terms of the way you communicate and set values.  


Understand the meanings behind certain behaviors with your infant or toddler, allow the constellation circle to reveal and heal energetic disturbances. 


30 minutes of sole attention on a child is more valuable to the child than a full day of a parents presence yet no focused attention on the child. 


  If our tanks are always running on empty, we are taking love energy from our children leaving them feeling needy for attention. 


How do we have firm boundaries without suppressing their self-expression. Start by respecting their boundaries. It goes both ways. 


Get into their world, See through their eyes. Give them the space to explore their choices safely. 

Journey into Parenting with Partnership

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We welcome Mom and Dad

We recommend both parents attend to form a partnership in parenting. The price is $475 per person or $800 for partners. Visit our site and take a moment to drop us a line.