Journey into the Divine

What if you could contribute to your world and your family from your true authentic Divine Feminine? 

Discover what’s stopping you from taking a deep dive into self love. 

How can we truly see ourselves as a Queen or a Goddess when we don’t feel safe because of what appears to be disapproval? 

Most of us are nurturing outside of our scope. We rescue, protect, and shoulder everyone without boundaries. Learn what boundaries look and feel like.

You will witness and heal your relationship with your Divine Feminine and Masculine from within, through the unique constellation process.


I have really really enjoyed the Divine Feminine Workshop. I have learned so much vital information about myself and where I have been functioning from but more then that I have experienced some really deep healing by really being able to see how I am in relationship to my feminine and masculine sides and the divine counterparts. 

I really hadn’t realized how my perception of men was really affecting my relationship with the masculine within myself and then how I have been outwardly creating really unhealthy relationships with men. Now I am beginning to see and feel that there are some really amazing men and I am aware of how I created attracting poor choices in men and in relationships. 

I am so happy to have a new perspective about men and am looking forward to seeing and being with that awareness and drawing in heathy new masculine. ~ Jade Powell 

I can be vulnerable with him now sexually and with love.  Before I would say I don't have time for this, that I have to get things done and this and that. I really go with what I feel now and I am very present with everything.              

I am finally able to express my sexuality and be vulnerable. I wanted that so bad and I have so much fun because I can initiate it and that is very powerful me because I was never able do that. I thought there was something wrong with me. We just stare into each others eyes and do nothing and feeling this deep connection we have like we are soul mates. It is very sacred and beautiful to be in this space. I feel like a Goddess.  ~ Sandra

 My favorite part of the workshop was Saturday.
I really liked the Hape ceremony and the music and singing.
The process/dance that Eliza facilitated was really touching, raw, sweet and innocent. And probably my biggest transformational/insightful piece was the constellation on the masculine/feminine and the Divine masculine/feminine.  

~ Participant

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Shadow Clearing

Now is the time to meet your dark side: The pathway to the Divine


Firing up your Divinity

Ignite your Divine inner flame and learn practices that maintain its ignition. This sacred fire is the key to your divine destiny by giving the fuel and ignition to your passions and life mission. 


Releasing your Goddess

A sensuous woman is like a sunset. Love flows from her heart and soul without strings or expectations. She asks nothing in return.

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What to Expect

 Are you really available to love? 

Our shadows hold our secrets not to be revealed until we ask.

Consciously we may think we are available because we are talking the talk, but many times because of incompletions of our past, we are unconsciously unavailable to walk the walk. 

Setting Energetic Boundaries
Lack of personal boundaries is a major cause of dysfunction in relationships. We will be practicing how to respect our sacred boundaries naturally without demanding it.

The Art of Receiving
Most of us have been raised to get out into the world and work hard to make it happen for ourselves. Find out what blocks you have in receiving and how to clear them from your energy field.

The Skill of Listening to the Sweetheart Message
Nothing compares to the feeling of being seen and heard. Discover the magic of the four layers of listening. When you learn how to truly listen you are able to touch others with your Divine Power while creating deep and lasting connections. 

Needs vs. Expectations
The fastest way to destroy your self-confidence and your relationships especially with the Divine is in not verbally addressing needs and mentally projecting expectations.  Sacrificing your needs while building resentment from unmet expectations is a sure way to shut down your Divine.

Doing vs. Being
Learn how to take action while weaving in and out of male and female energy. You will be able to recognize when you are in the masculine energy or the feminine energy and how to shift it to your advantage.

Recognizing and shifting that critical voice 
Often women struggle with low self-esteem and envy of others' success. Discover where the source of those emotions and how to retrain the brain in removing repetitive patterns that do not serve you.

We will be doing fun and informative constellations on the following: 

  • Are you and your choice of men - available or unavailable
  • What is the current state of your Feminine/Masculine energy 
  • Discover what your inner Divine Feminine and Masculine have to say to you
  • What does your heart reveal to you about self-love and compassion. 
  • What is your your unconscous comfort zone: shame, blame, and guilt or love, light and truth

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