Medicine Wheel Journey

PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced workshop and is only for those who have attended a vacation/transformation retreat or four constellation workshops


Once you have removed your ancestral patterns and trauma from your life, you suddenly find yourself at a much higher frequency and you lose those identities and patterns that do not belong to you. You are left wondering who am I? What's next? What is my purpose?   


Someone gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand  that this too was a gift. At this point in your journey, you will learn how too embrace your shadows and find gratitude for your past. 


You have shifted from being a victim of your circumstances to seeing yourself as creator of your experience. You are now ready to journey into the unknown and to understand the need for balance in the four quadrants and how to create who you are because you have discovered who you are not. 


 You have clarity and confidence to create your life a new because you have removed ancestral baggage. You have everything necessary to transcend your shadows from within. Find out how you can align with abundance, your gifts, your truth, and be the light and vessel to receive unconditional love from Source.   

Medicine Wheel Journey

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