Journey into the Heart of New Zealand

The vacation of a lifetime. The type of experience that also transforms you completely for a lifetime. In depth constellation work addressing all  ancestral blockages and wounds permanently cutting ties with old patterns. The complete immersion within paradise among the best local and shadow work healers is bound to be the heartfelt soul-calling type of vacation. 

Raise your Frequency


Equine facilitated Learning

 Horses hold a frequency and an energy field that dismantles our blockages and allows us to access parts of ourselves that were otherwise hidden to us. Allowing us to embrace love and healing fully. 


Family Constellations

Understand your blockages and limitations in your personal journey through the knowing field of family constellations. This is an opportunity to energetically release inherited family patterns and soul wounds.

Epic Vacation


Relax and enjoy!

Black sand beaches and beautiful sunsets.  An enchanting country rich with natural wonder and beauty. New Zealand is an epic heart calling adventure just waiting to happen. 


Unique to New Zealand

Try some of the activities exclusive to New Zealand, such as Blokarting. Enjoy the local delicacies and be awe-struck by the stunning unique scenery.

A Typical Day

6:00 am Yoga 

7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am – 12:00 pm Constellations and sign-ups for local healers or day trip to  

beautiful local sites

12:00 pm Lunch 

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Day trip to beautiful local sites or constellations

6:00 pm  Dinner

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Group healing activities with breathwork, music, dance or art

*Options for healing plant ceremonies 

Non-Resident Pricing and Resident Pricing Below

VIP Platinum Package - Earlybird $6,895 USD ($7,300 after March 1)

Private bedroom (Discount $775 off a second VIP ticket if sharing a
bed). All optional services are included in this package. Also, you
are a priority in the scheduling of healing modalities and are given a
seeker chair in family constellations.


Gold Package - Earlybird $4,798 USD ($5,131 after March 1)

Shared bedroom ($514 discount if sharing a bed).  This package includes at no additional cost: Seeker role in family constellations, and three plant ceremonies. Other optional services available at the price listed below. 


Silver Package - Earlybird $2,791 USD ($3,097 after March 1)

Camping ($514 discount for staying off-site). One plant ceremony and all complementary services included. Optional services available at the price listed below.


New Zealand Local Pricing


Complementary Services ~ Included with all packages

All packages include Maori welcoming and farewell ceremony, yoga, hiking, rapé meditation, SOMA breath therapy, sound bath, representing in family constellations, and journeying with drums. 

(All included with the VIP Package)

Tips are not included

Facilitator and Founder of Journey into the Heart


Shauna Cuch

Shauna is trained and certified in Equine Facilitated Constellations and Family Constellations. She has been doing various types of ancestral shadow work for eight years and continues to learn from each person that sits in the seeker's chair. In 2016, she was invited to New Zealand to share her expertise and she fell in love with the people and the country and vowed to return.


"I participated in the summer of 2017 with Shauna Lynne and her staff in an event that far exceeded my expectations.  I went in with a lot of skepticism about the constellation exercises, but that quickly dissipated when I saw how impactful it was and how I was able to get access into myself  in a very non-threatening and safe environment.  The part that impacted me the most was my interactions with the horses. I had a surprising result in that I was able to complete for myself my father’s untimely passing from 22 years ago.  The ability for the horses to empathically relate to me along with the facilitated journey that the staff provided in that experience allowed me to connect to my father in a away that permanently left me altered. I would highly recommend anyone experience the gift and magic of these majestic  animals.   I uncovered as much about who I am not as who I really am in the experience and an ability to release a lot of unnecessary emotional pain." Joe 


"I have spent thousands of dollars on retreats and healing modalities. I have gone through Impact and Tony Robbin retreats. But nothing has had the impact on me that the constellation work has had. With only two constellations, my fears were uncovered and I had clarity and confidence to live my life and pursue my passion more fully."  Stacey 

Event Facilitators and Managers

Jodi Olivia


Jodi is the organizer of this event. She has gracefully connected all of the elements to make this the perfect retreat.  Her own experiences with equine facilitated learning have been transformational and is dedicated to allowing the space for others to also experience this pure magic. 

Jason Darger


Jason facilitates in Equine facilitated learning as a horse whisperer. He welcomes you into a safe energetic container to release emotional blockages through the loving compassion and wisdom of the horses. He is trained by Kathleen McGarry in Equine Facilitated Learning and Advanced Constellations by Francesca Mason Boring 

Dardi Kunz


Dardi is our Event Supervisor. She has managed events for nine years and excels at creating safe and comfortable spaces to pamper our guests. She brings sunshine and laughter wherever she goes. 

Inner Spring


Osher has over 20 years of experience teaching and facilitating.  She is the author of two books + CDs: “The Butterfly Child” and “Sacred Feminine”. Born in Israel, she now resides in New Zealand. Osher's passion is to inspire us to awaken to our Soul Creative Expression and Earth Dance Connection – the way home.

Steve Hill


Steve is a Master SOMA breathwork Instructor working in the areas of healing and manifestation through breathwork. Steve has also practiced shamanic ceremony and journey for over 20 years and continues to teach and hold circles. Steve has a love for life and is passionate about many things and holds space for others to recognize their own unlimited potential. 

Jane Crosbie


Jane Crosbie is a renowned Equine artist, writer and adventurer. Her art is often described as molten, electrifying, explosive, intense, colorful and fiery.  In her own words: "Creating art to me is an act of love, of passion, of fire.  My art is my passion, my emotion, my moods, my worship, my prayer – the consummation of my heart mind soul spirit and all the love.