Journey into your Constellations and find the truth of who you are!

Journey into your Constellations and find the truth of who you are!

Journey into your Constellations and find the truth of who you are! Journey into your Constellations and find the truth of who you are! Journey into your Constellations and find the truth of who you are!



Unbridal The Heart Event/Family Constellation Systems

 I participated in the summer of 2017 with Shauna Lynne and her staff in an event that far exceeded my expectations.  I went in with a lot of skepticism about the constellation exercises, but that quickly dissipated when I saw how impactful it was and how I was able to get access into myself  in a very non-threatening and safe environment.  The part that impacted me the most was my interactions with the horses. I had a surprising result in that I was able to complete for myself my father’s untimely passing from 22 years ago.  The ability for the horses to empathically relate to me along with the facilitated journey that the staff provided in that experience allowed me to connect to my father in a away that permanently left me altered. I would highly recommend anyone experience the gift and magic of these majestic  animals.   I uncovered as much about who I am not as who I really am in the experience and an ability to release a lot of unnecessary emotional pain.  


Constellation Workshop

 I have spent thousands of dollars on retreats and healing modalities. I have gone through Impact and Tony Robbin retreats. But nothing has had the impact on me that the constellation work has had. With only two constellations, my fears were uncovered and I had clarity and confidence to live my life and pursue my passion more fully

~ Stacey 

Power of The Whispering Horse Events

 After my daughter passed away I felt I pushed everyone away. I did not want to get close to anyone. I did not realize how I kept people away from me until I did the boundary work. When I did the body scan in the grove, it was the first time I ever listened to my body speak to me. I heard my daughter’s voice saying “Mom, it is time to heal.” That was the first time since she died that I heard my daughter’s voice. When I got a hug from the horse I felt I had that burden lifted off of me. He kept trying to get me to connect and I finally hugged him and cried a lot. 

~Krista T 

Shame Clearing

 I am finally able to express my sexuality and be vulnerable. I wanted that so bad and I have so much fun because I can initiate it and that is very powerful me because I was never able do that. I thought there was something wrong with me we such stare into each other eyes and do nothing and feeling this deep connection we have like we are soul mates. It is very sacred and beautiful to be in this space. I feel like a Goddess.  


Power of the Whispering Horse Event

 Before I met the horses I woke up every morning full of anger. When I first experienced one on one with a horse named Shadow, I felt a connection that I have never felt before. I want to offer this experience to others because it has given me the desire to stay focused on my sobriety. 


Shame Clearing

 I wanted to take a moment to thank you deeply for the profound impact that your work has had in my life and my relationship.   For years my marriage suffered from lack of intimacy, both emotionally and in the bedroom.  It was a source of great frustration and eventually became one of several factors in our separation last year.   Both of us had deep levels of unconscious programming and beliefs of our own unworthiness stemming from childhood and they were keeping us from being able to experience love for ourselves and thus intimacy with each other.   After our separation we each began our own separate paths of self discovery, but while I had a great deal of success in my path, she continued to struggle deeply in hers.  The work you did with her has enabled her to become conscious to the underlying beliefs and stories that were holding her back, and as a result we have over the past several months reached levels of closeness and intimacy that are higher and more sustainable than ever before in our fifteen year relationship.   She has discovered her inner goddess and she is finally able to allow herself to open up and be sexually and emotionally expressive.  We have since gotten back together, and in fact last night we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our relationship with a beautiful date followed by a night of passionate lovemaking.  I never imagined such a beautiful connection were even possible.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the powerful role you have played in making this transformation possible.  


Journey to the Heart Event

"I was grateful to attend Shauna's event.  As a fellow leader and an author working on her book, I had the desire to celebrate her and honor her life's calling. In the meantime, I had only a small inkling of the incredible power behind Shauna's constellation and equine miracles. 

Shauna's retreat literally knocked my socks off. First, the energy before the retreat, including the homework spurred immediate forward movement on a 51-year-old issue. I had experienced a closed adoption, and I had never known my birth family. 

I was able to release unhealthy energy. The results led me to a humble place where I could surrender to God, and to accept my birth mother with open arms, and most recently, my birth father, my full blood brother and a half-brother and their families.

As a family, we are free to release the past and move forward from here.  The entire process has made me even closer to my adopted mom as well and my little brother, which was a beautiful and unexpected gift.

Every person's constellation experience at the retreat was individual and beautifully valuable. I was able to learn from other people's experiences as well as my own. I believe that this retreat can benefit anyone who genuinely wishes to heal inner issues and family rifts, break cycles and create new, fresh, vibrant and healthy energy. I highly recommend it."  

~Bridget Cook - Birch