The Eternal Call of the Soul

Get clarity around your fears and what is stopping you from answering the call.  

Lay down your resistance, and step into your power. 

This lifetime is your opportunity to step into your truth. Join us and we will walk you through your shadows to discover how deep your love is and the depth of your longing.


Soul Awareness

 Connect to the inner workings of your soul. Every sensation and feeling is an attempt to bring you back to yourself, to your truth. Allow your inner knowing to be heard, your inner calling to have a voice. 


Shadow Awareness

Fear is blinding. It prevents us from seeing the truth within ourselves and our world.  Fear is also a death state, most problems are caused by fear. Fear drives people to react out of survival. Where there is fear there is no love, only scarcity. You will be able to uncover the illusions of your deepest fears in constellations.  


Truth Awareness

 Awakening to the truth of who you are and releasing your deepest shadows brings completion, fulfillment, joy, and ecstasy!!! 

The Eternal Call of the Soul

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