Shauna Cuch

Shauna is an expert in shadow clearing. She facilitates in transmuting darkness to light within electromagnetic fields. She uses many modalities of raising frequencies, and consciousness within ourselves and relationships. She has been trained and certified in 3 levels by Lee Beymer in Quantum Emotional Clearing. She received level one certification and advanced training in family constellations, ecology/nature, business/organization consulting and health/wellness by Francesca Mason Boring, a Shoshone Native, author of 7 books on constellations. This method is practiced in over thirty countries. She has also been trained by Linda Kohanov and Kathleen McGarry as an equine facilitator and has done equine facilitated healing with the American Indians for six years. Shauna is trained and certified by Alison Armstrong in the differences of men and women and understands on a deep level the dynamics of relationships. Before her career in shadow work, she was the owner and founder of Panache catering, restaurant, wine bar, and cafe. She won many awards and was very successful until she realized that was not her path. Shauna is currently living her dream in service to others by offering innovative international retreats and workshops to raise consciousness. 


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An international team serving the greater good with their gifts, and experiences to support anyone on a journey to answer the eternal call of the soul through innovative transformational vacations . Reflective practices, interfaced with unique healing offerings in music, dance, food, nature and indigenous wisdom from rich cultures around the worlds. We create meaningful connections with local people and cultures while providing an adventure: discovering the hidden gems of each country, undergoing health and wellness transformations, uncovering  sacred gifts from the release of ancestral shadow and trauma, opening portals of deep light healing around the world, and creating a profound cohesion with the extraordinary beauty Mother Earth has to offer.


Providing unique opportunities to support and guide a deep dive into Self-Love through embracing and clearing shadow in a fun and unique way that the conscious mind does not even realize the healing is taking place. 


Everyone that contributes to this organization is on a soul finding goal and has impeccable integrity towards Self, Others, and Journey into the Heart branding. We all work in sync with one heart and mind and have freedom and ease around everything we do. Everyone we touch with our message through media, modalities, workshops, and retreats will be touched in their hearts with our commitment to Truth, Love, and Light and experience the power of impeccable truth.

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