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    Crack the Communication Code

    Communication is one of the greatest challenges, especially in relationships of the opposite sex. . . . Unless you know the code!!! Women have no idea how to communicate to a single focused man because thier needs are the complete opposite of most men. So how are men going to understand how to comunicate with women? This information can save marriages and bring resolution to the misunderstanding that almost alway happens between men and women. This includes conversations between parents and children.
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    Why Women Think Men Are Misbehaving

    The greatest cause of breakups for couples is not being able to relate to one another when things get intense or life happens. When you are looking for understanding from your partner. When you are both deep in your stuff and the triggers from your past spark memories and get in your way of listening. You need to feel safe because they are issues that need to be heard .

    Most everyone on the planet feels unseen or unheard! No one understands us, we lack communication skills. We talk more than we listen. But there is one big huge blaring issue that we all get to understand. . . .

    There are two energies within us that we operate from. They are not gender specific, so we call them Hunter or Gather. The thought process is completely opposite. The way they think, feel, respond, and react to almost everything is opposite from one another. Compare it to the compatibility of the Mac and PC!

    Gathers tend to think Hunters are misbehaving because they don't think like Gather, therefore they cannot relate or connect at times. Men get frustrated because they work hard to please Gather but they miss the mark most of the time because of that gap.

    Even understanding the most basic and simple differences can save a marriage or relationship. This information is so expansive I could fill up a 3-day seminar talking about it. This course will open your eyes to the fact that you don't know what you don't know. This information can help you understand yourself and the opposite sex better. You will learn how to observe and accept the differences in one-another. This online course will give you a taste of how important this is in relationships.

    After watching the six videos, you will have a greater awareness of these instinctive behaviors such as;

    1. More tolerance of each other, because you have the ability to self-reflect and observe the behaviors.
    2. You may be more accepting and less judgmental of others and yourSelf because you realize these are simply caveman\cavewomen instincts and you BOTH have them equally.
    3. You become more expansive in your point of view and open to whats possible in deepening your relationship. That is when the magic happens!
    4. You will enjoy deeper, intimate conversations because you are more accepting in how you confront your truth with love rather than cause conflict from make-wrong.
    5. What you resist persists, this will make your relationship in flow rather than challenging.
    This information is a result of research that Shauna Lynne participated in and became certified to teach. She researched over 100 men, and taught intimate details with over 200 women. This does not define who you are, or who you choose to be. These are simply reactions of the body, these reactions lose their power if you become aware of them and make better choices.

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    Women’s Audio Class: Discover Deep Connection and Intimacy. The greatest challenge for most couples often boils down to one fundamental issue: the inability to relate and communicate effectively, especially during emotionally charged moments.…