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Shauna Lynn a best selling author

Big Souls Make Big Promises

Shauna’s book and #1 International Best Seller, “Big Souls Make Big Promises” is now available to readers worldwide. Click the link below to purchase the eBook, available now!

Shadow Journal

I am excited to share the Shadow Journal concept, especially for families with children still at home. Many of us, especially as a child, are in fear or even trauma if we think we have done something wrong. This causes cover up, secrets and sometimes lies. With shadow journals, we are helping the entire family embrace those shady naughty parts of us that make us feel shame. To actually open up conversations and share each week is golden!

Experts and Influencers

Co-author Shauna’s book #1 International Best Seller, “Experts and Influencers, Move Forward with Purpose” is now available to readers worldwide. Click the link below to purchase the eBook, available now!

Book Review

What a journey to read Big Souls Big Deals, what a blessing, thank you again Shauna !

A guide to know yourself better… Big Souls Big Deals tells us about the family that lives in us. With powerful testimonies, Shauna invites us to reflect on our bonds of attachment, visible and invisible, and on the script of life that we strive to live, sometimes against our authentic dreams …

Who chooses in me when I choose? Who really owns this life I’m living? These questions tell us that our freedom to live is not always complete.

This book is a treasure of consciousness to embody our authentic Self. Francesco di Castri said “You can’t have wings until you have roots”, and Shauna is taking us to our roots to really fly.

My name is Sophie Roumeas – Therapist, coach in mindfulness and French writer

I wish the brightest trajectory to Big Souls Big Deals for its launching and I am sure that it will be a blessing for the people who will read it.


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