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Our Conscious Community is all about being real with one another. Getting down to the core issues and being okay with it. Everyone has a shadow. We can be the shadow, resist it and complain, or hide from it. Our community has tools to go through it by expressing, experimenting, integrating and transcending our shadow energies that most often run our lives. 

Our Library is a collection of tools, a community building forum, and a hub of like-minded individuals who have learned these principles of evolution and build off each other’s heart and energy.

With Conscious Community you get

To be a part of something greater than yourself. Where you feel safe to be your authentic self. Where you can express, experience, and integrate your truth without judgment. We are stepping out of the illusion of separation, transcending the polarity consciousness, choosing our inherent unity. Us versus them is no longer serving us.



Join us and take 100% responsibility for the shadowy parts of our personality rather than covering our hidden crap with ice cream and serving it to others.


Free Courses

Uncover your truth, expose the illusions of your shadow. We have several free courses to support you in answering your eternal call of the Soul: begging to be seen and heard. You will also be able to participate and interact with our book club courses.


Free Events

Shauna Cuch and Brigham Darger are well-known for their ability to help you discover your own truth. They will be holding a monthly Q&A just for members of the conscious community, interface with our book clubs, and attend our local Mix and Mingle with Big Souls. These events are exclusive only to members of the conscious community.


Big discounts

Get discounts on chosen events, retreats and online courses. Even bigger discounts with our yearly membership


Free Shame Clearing

Your Conscious Community includes free access to very deep and effective ways to release negative energy that show up as illnesses. This is an example of what we offer. The shame clearing is especially important. Shame keeps you from owning your shadow, therefore you cannot fully access your Divine Light opens you up to your truth. Shadow keeps tugging at you until you witness your truth.

Are you a free Spirit looking for a place to land with an open heart?

If so, we have a gathering place just for you. Help us design it, build it, and make it yours! We are growing fast and we are soliciting your input, your ideas, your inspirations, your contributions to help us design the blueprint of our conscious community.

Get in on it while it is being birthed to accommodate people like you! That, my friend, is what makes it community. Everyone has a handprint! Everyone has something to offer that makes it a place of wholeness.

We are all connected so let’s support one another in creating something that transcends the chatter, the noise, the gaps, the unruly, the inauthentic. We can mastermind something greater than us. We have endless resources of ancient future wisdom. We have Wisdom of the Shadow Expert, Relationship Rescue, The Four Stages to shift into the Fourth Density. (The Heart Chakra), Parenting with Partnership, Activating the Planetary Network in Egypt, Practicing the Merkabah, Medicine Wheel Magic. Relationship Alchemy.

When you participate in constellations you discover how much you pack around in your energy field that feeds the emotions of the unconscious mind and that in turn, runs your life. We all carry unspoken history in our energy field.

Conscious Community Plans & Benefits

Conscious Community

$ 18 Per Month - No coupon needed
  • FREE Online Courses (value of $900+)
  • Unlimited Access to the CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY
  • 20% discount on 2-day Workshop
  • $10 Parenting With Partnership ($99)
  • Free pass to represent for constellation workshops ($175)
  • Free pass for I Create My Life ($39)
  • Free pass to our “Learning to Love Your Shadow ($189)
  • $5 to join our Q&A Zoom calls monthly. ($15)
  • Join our monthly Meet-up live event will include breath-work, drumming, Hape, and Alchemy Sound Bowls session

Conscious Community

$ 190 Per Year - NO COUPON NEEDED
  • Everything from the monthly membership
  • $1,111 for Journey Into The Fourth Dimension (Normal $2,222)
  • $4,444 for Initiation Into The Heart (Normal $5,555)
  • $1,444 for Unbridle the Heart (Normal $1,500)
  • You are qualified to spotlight your business once you have been an active member for one year.
  • For every time you get a new non-member to join our community, you qualify for spotlight your business including a short bio for the Conscious Community.
Best Price

Chantaal S.

“I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on many healing modalities, however this is the only method that I’ve done that has taken me from surviving to thriving. No others have given me the relief of healing as deeply and quickly as the Shadow Clearing.”


“The part that impacted me the most was my interactions with the horses. I had a surprising result in that I was able to complete for myself my father’s untimely passing from 22 years ago. I would highly recommend anyone experience the gift and magic of these majestic  animals. I uncovered much about who I am and an ability to release a lot of unnecessary emotional pain.”

Jade P.

“The constellation work has helped me see whether my issues were solely personal or carried on by me through ancestors. In the constellations, the truth has been revealed to me, of the emotions and traumas that have been unexpressed for generations, making it hard for me to progress.  I have felt freer in my own life to let go of trauma and to live more whole and to know myself more and more each time and with each day.”

Are you ready to become part of building this community?