Terms and Conditions

This is an open forum for anyone to express their truth without feeling shame over whatever they are dealing with. 

Our team has a pledge to this community to keep this platform a safe place for everyone to express their truth without being made wrong for it. Shauna is well-known for creating a safe space in her constellation events for people to get to their deeper issues. It is important that we carry this same concept into our community by agreeing to the following: 

  1. Speak your truth about whatever you feel without attacking or pointing the finger at any one person or individual. 
  2. Treat one another kindly yet still express whatever feelings are there for you about the subject. We do not expect you to shut down in order to be kind. We encourage you to express your emotions so we can all support you in discovering the deeper issue that gets to be expressed. 
  3. The purpose of this forum is not for politics or drawing a line in the sand to make someone bad and wrong. Separation begins with judgments on your shadowSelf
  4. If you want to upload videos, you will need to request  permission to the administration to meet the requirements. 
  5. If we get complaints about negative rants or attacks towards any group or individual, this is our protocol:
    1. We will send you a request for clarification or mediation.
    2. Our team will give you fair and generous listening 
    3. We will take necessary actions to resolve the issue.
    4. If our request is ignored and you continue bothering others, the team may have to terminate your membership and send you a pro-rated refund if you have a yearly subscription. 

Helpful Guidelines:

  • Use this forum to share and open up your secrets, that in turn will help others to open up their hidden fears. 
  • If you disagree with someone’s truth or opinion, we encourage you to show kindness in how you express it. 
  • This is a platform to share your gifts, we suggest you first get to know others better than they know you. Become an active member in the community then introduce your gifts. 
  • It is helpful to check in to ask yourself if you are staying in your own lane, or your in judgment of others. An example of this is to state how you feel without make-wrong; “Thank you for sharing, I do not resonate with what you are saying.” Or, if you feel attacked by another opinion then; “I feel attacked when you put it that way.”
  • Any member purposely belittling, labeling or criticizing, may receive a warning if this becomes your platform on this forum. We heal separation, we do not support the effects of it. We recommend finding a solution in the *Options below. 

*Options that you may find helpful.     

Many times in a community or crowd of people, we find ourselves triggered by what others say or do. We often want to take sides or make them wrong. If that is the case, we invite you to schedule a weekend workshop and step into the constellation circle to discover the judgment within yourself.