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About the Author Shauna Lynn & Journey Into The Heart

Big Souls Make Big Promises

Shauna is an international best selling author of Big Souls Make Big Promises.”Soon to be published is “The Day I Met My Dark Side, the pathway to my Divine” which is in high demand.
Our most profound wisdom comes from our deepest darkness. The only block between us being our greatest expression is our limiting belief patterns and systems.


Our vision with Family Constellations is to provide a unique approach to resolving trauma, based on the idea that problems sift down ancestrally often manifesting as stress in the here and now. When we examine our feelings and perceptions in a "knowing circle," we can break free of familial/interpersonal patterns that result in suffering. Working through our family constellation offers us the ability to find the root of our stuck emotions and resolve them.


Providing unique opportunities to support and guide a deep dive into Self-Love through embracing and clearing shadow in a fun and unique way that the conscious mind does not even realize the healing is taking place.


Everyone that contributes to this organization is on a soul finding goal and has impeccable integrity towards Self, Others, and Journey into the Heart branding. We all work in sync with one heart and mind and have freedom and ease around everything we do. Everyone we touch with our message through media, modalities, workshops, and retreats will be touched in their hearts with our commitment to Truth, Love, and Light and experience the power of impeccable truth.

Shauna Lynn

Shauna is Founder of Journey into the Heart. She is the author of Big Souls Make Big Promises. Shauna is an International Speaker. Her message is unique and potent with an opportunity for self-mastery and discovery that through transmutation of shadow, lives our Divine love and self-acceptance. 

Upon uncovering hidden trauma from infancy in her sixties, Shauna’s true healing journey began. After having a profound deep healing from Family Constellations replacing what would have been years of therapy, she discovered her true destiny. She trained and became known as the Master Shadow Choreographer because of the deep wisdom she gained from unraveling the secrets of her own unlovable altered shadow personality. 

Shauna has a phenomenally successful life changing course called Relationship Alchemy where she helps you find inner peace amidst any chaos to find sovereignty to the soul in any given situation. She is also known to assist in uncoupling relationships that are toxic to relieve the pain without unnecessary drama and expense.


Many people ask “Why are you giving valuable information away to the Conscious Community?”

My response is: I believed in the lie that I had to work hard for love and money. I could not afford expensive coaching. I learned after climbing the ladder of hard knocks, there is a better way. My message is to end our attachment to suffering. This is a new era, a time of freedom, joy, and excitement if we can find balance in discovering what we came here to learn. I am 70 years young and very present to the.superpowers that come from finding the balance of my shadow and my light. It is mind blowing to discover how we unconsciously resist what we want, and create what we don’t want! Stop it!

The passion and purpose behind the Conscious Community is to offer all the coaching, support, and wisdom without charging a huge fee. This unique gift to you makes it possible to give away services that don’t consume my time and money.

I am making myself available and in service to YOU! Please join our Conscious Community to discover that life can be in flow when we quit resisting our truth. If you are creating what you don’t want, no one else is to blame! Let us help you uncover the unconscious belief you have at the core. It is time to flip the switch and answer that eternal call of the soul NOW!

The ancient rites of Initiation have been handed down as a structured catalyst for us to gain access to our greatest potential. You will be invited to call forth your deepest fears, your most unbearable sadness, your darkest corners of shame, unspeakable pains and imbalanced distortions of will. The greatest gifts of the soul bestow themselves upon the acknowledgement, surrender and integration of your deepest darknesses.  You will be offered a carefully designed catalyst inside the safety of a sacred container, the perfect balance of support and challenge to integrate the Wisdom of your Darkness into the Light of your ‘I AM’.



We work with various other Healers, Light-Workers, and Wisdom Carriers to provide alternative modalities to serve and assist you in finding and embodying your Truth.


We offer you this free masterclass you save $200

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200