Journey into the truth of who you are!

All of our events are specifically created to journey into your heartspace and help you discover your strengths and gifts.

"I have spent thousands of dollars on retreats and healing modalities. I have gone through Impact and Tony Robbin retreats. But nothing has had the impact on me that the constellation work has had. With only two constellations, my fears were uncovered and I had clarity and confidence to live my life and pursue my passion more fully. "

~ Stacey 




Join us on a deeply transformative, all-inclusive vacation to some of the world's most stunning locations!



Resolve deep-rooted trauma for yourself and resolve blockages so you can live true to your authentic nature.



Discover what’s stopping you from taking a deep dive into self love and stepping into your truth. 

Upcoming Retreat

Join us for the adventure of a life time in beautiful Brazil for ten days of deep transformative healing and cultural immersion in one of the world's most stunning locations! 

Why Constellations?

I am often asked what Constellation work is. In my Constellation workshop we are able to remove old patterns or programs, past traumas, depression, incompletions, dysfunctional relationships, and domestic abuse with ease and grace, so you can live from your heart and express your gifts. The video below explains a bit more about it. 


"The constellation work has helped me see whether my issues were solely personal or carried on by me through ancestors. In the constellations, the truth has been revealed to me, of the emotions and traumas that have been unexpressed for generations, making it hard for me to progress.  I have felt freer in my own life to let go of trauma and to live more whole and to know myself more and more each time and with each day." 

Jade Powell ,

"The part that impacted me the most was my interactions with the horses. I had a surprising result in that I was able to complete for myself my father’s untimely passing from 22 years ago. I would highly recommend anyone experience the gift and magic of these majestic  animals. I uncovered much about who I am and an ability to release a lot of unnecessary emotional pain. " Joe

"I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on many healing modalities, however this is the only method that I’ve done that has taken me from surviving to thriving. No others have given me the relief of healing as deeply and quickly as the Shadow Clearing. 

Chantaal Stedmann