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Are you amidst a challenging relationship that you desperately want to work things out?

You have tried everything yet you feel stuck in old suffocating patterns of silence and repression that no longer serve

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Our Conscious Community Library is a collection of tools, a community building forum, and hub of like-minded individuals who build off each other’s heart and energy.

Events & Retreats

Do you feel trapped in a dysfunctional loop that seems impossible to overcome? You will find many events and retreats to help you discover what has been handed to you from your parents or ancestors that does not belong to you. We are not only carrying their baggage, but we are passing challenging and dysfunctional patterns to our children. Imagine living a life free of all those old patterns. Once your truth is uncovered, the healing begins and freedom becomes your pleasure.

Online Courses

You have done years of self-help work yet you go right back into that revolving door of your old energy. you feel caught in a low vibrational quantum field that stops your progress? These online courses help you on an energetic level that changes the vibrational patterns. If you cannot make the live events, you will find many online options that will help you understand why you are creating what you don’t want from these old patterns. According to science, 70% of your unconscious thoughts are stopping you from living the life you desire. Find out how you can flip the switch and take charge of what your creating.

Conscious Community

Changes are coming, planetary shifts are the new norm in our reality. Out with the old, in with the new. Yet, what does that look like? With one click, you will discover how to be a part of something greater than yourself. Get involved, satisfy your curiosity. We invite you to connect with like-minded individuals. This includes many creative options for community building, groups/forums, book discussions, and a plethora of free online courses and impactful content. Be the change, find your purpose, awareness opens the heart.

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Conscious Community

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We invite you to participate in our Mastermind Group; to influence the influencers, to create an epic community with harmonizing and purifying intentions to raise the consciousness of the planet starting with you. Join in on our Q&A Group Discussions, our book discussions about topics such as The Law of One, give your input about the Four Stages of the Fourth Dimension. Enjoy our Conscious Community Library with a collection of tools and free webinars for Parenting with Partnership, Relationships Rescue, including a community building private social media forum. We have built the frame, help us paint the picture. Take an active role in a committed group of individuals with purpose and passion who build off each other’s heart and energy.

Upcoming Events & Retreats

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Relationship Alchemy Tantra Couples Course

We're excited to invite you to our Relationship Alchemy Tantra Couples Course, a transformative experience designed to deepen your connection and introduce you to Divine…

$1,450.00 – $1,500.00

Family Constellation Retreat – St George, Utah

Constellations flip the switch on our unconscious behavior by getting to the energetic root of the unconscious thought by revealing the unconscious stories and trauma…

Free – $666.00

Are You Single And No Matter What You Do Different You Keep Attracting The Dysfunction That You Are Trying To Get Away From?

Relationship Rescue Course

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