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Raising Your Vibration with Quantum Emotional Clearing 

Emotions affect your physical health. The Human race is being facilitated from the higher realms to shift into the new energies. Quantum Emotional Clearing can help the process without a lot of trouble. Our mission is to facilitate the spirituality awakened towards health, wealth and being enlightened. Process of healing is realignment with the planets for our own well being, a positive state of mind. It requires a balance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual to facilitate longevity. Aging is a result of residue built up in one’s body and energy field. You can clear this and maintain it; clearing will create a feeling of young strong energy.  Longevity creates more wisdom. Balance comes from the state of mind ones in. Enlightenment=lights in mind that one is in. The planet absorbs more energy than it radiates. The sun radiates more energy that you absorb. When you clear your energy you no longer absorb the negative energy. Drama shortens one’s life. Releasing and clearing will allow you to access higher energies. The results of drawing from higher realms are to recognize one’s own immortality. Seek for the closeness of the connection to spirit, you are already immortal, it is a matter of alignment. When you are either distracted and in avoidance by the world, you are disconnect to oneself. 

We are taught to turn off feelings, this locks it in. The tool of ego is denial. Denial blocks us, the more difficult life is the more denial. The only time you feel is when ego will create drama to distract you. This is counter-productive; identify what is beneath the denial of ego (wants to protect itself). It requires being willing to go deeper than ego. Personal involvement is from ego, diminish personal involvement means more spirit, less ego. QEC facilitates reduction of personal involvement. If you are reacting ego controls you. The ego is not who you are, we strive to connect to true spirit. This is a time of peace, rebalancing, correcting ones coarse, ones ego. QEC allows for coarse correction in oneself. We are moving forward in a perfect course and when forward drive is blocked and sometimes in reverse, it feels like going backwards.

Our auric shield protects us against negative energy. Shock or trauma will cause a crack in our matrix and allow negative blocks to lodge into our aura. That is the purpose of Quantum Emotional Clearing, to clear those blocks before they cause physical harm to our bodies and mind. At the age of 1 1/2 we have an identity crises, we are clearing roots of ego identity. A child realizes, I am naked, I have my own thoughts I am not mom. They look up to parents for answers. The answer is not applicable to who the child is. They unknowingly adopt a parents perspective for this is the root of the ego to defend identity of ego. Child feels all of the energies that parents give. You choose your parents.  You choose to work through it. Increasing the consciousness of a few will increase the consciousness of the whole. It is best to clear the repressed emotions while child is infancy.

This is the time of calm before the storm. It is wise to use this moment of pause to correct our coarse, disengage, rest, and prepare. Our sense of feelings is as profound as our sense of vision. We have been trained to see the world rather than feel the world. When you lie to yourself the energy does not match. 

What is the difference between emotion and feeling? Emotion is a reaction or response to what you feel. Emotional reactions or response is making it about us. Feelings is feeling the energy, processing it and translating it into a specific purpose, place or thing. Feelings is energy coming in, receiving, emotions is reaction or response going out. Should we be afraid of feelings? When we release the triggers with QEC your feelings will allow you to experience one Self. You will learn to feel your ego and spirit and the truth of who you are and ego. You will then feel the difference in others. To identify the issue, look to the feelings. What do you feel? Do you feel a movement of energy? Identify by feeling when you have felt like this before. It is easier to recognize other experiences in the past rather than now. It does not require soul searching. The more intense the emotion is, the easier to identify. To surrender ego self to Source it releases you from reactions; people are often driven to that point. Meditation and QEC will take care of it before the drama is too heavy. If you can stay clear you can feel the balance of others. Do not take on the energy of others. There will be an exchange; you will need to clear that. 

All relationships are a challenged by misunderstanding of intentions and motives. No one can take your power. You have been trained to give it away. They can do anything they want with your power. You get the results of whatever they do with it. Left spins make you susceptible to where another person can manipulate you to give them your power. Strengthen your connection to Self and you do not have to give it away. Many times unless you clear your abuse as a child the issues will grow. 

By being hyper-sensitive and taking things personal we are not able to see the bigger picture and we react in our patterns that have nothing to do with what is being said outside ourselves. We are spiritual being having a physical experience. Important to be in balance with ourselves and see when something needs to change. Become sensitive to what state you are in, take responsibility. Create a positive relationship in a constant state of being with each other in love and light. Ego allows you to cope but it is limiting especially if ego won’t allow it. Ego locks you into a narrow range of failure, successes.

The order for QEC is to Identify, release, affirmation of self, conclusion. Signs of release are laughing, crying, yawning, sleepy, if ego can’t let you go they won’t remember the words, say one word at a time if necessary. Transparency is the key to Transformation. We start with your list of ailments, an assessment of your childhood memories, and what is not working now to determine what emotions are stored into the subconscious. Then we use the “Messages of the Body” by Micheal Lincoln, to identify what emotions those emotions are. The first clearing we do before we begin your treatment is a shame clearing because shame is the most profound and destructive of all emotions because we actually believe we are shame (unconsciously) so we try to cover up our true identity. One of the greatest secrets of the ego is to get us cover up who we are. I believe it would raise the vibration of the world if everyone would do this clearing so I am gifting it to you and inviting you to do this clearing with your family and friends. Use three middle fingers tapping on the third eye and begin repeating out loud the shame clearing. At the end is a curse clearing that we do three times each day.

Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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