Men’s Audio Class: Discover The Secrets Of Women And Sex!

The greatest challenge for men is understanding the shifts that are taking place with the feminine (genderless) who have awakened to their voice and feminine power.

The dynamics of relationships are changing. Learning how to celebrate the feminine rather than feel resentful and rejected.  Do they talk the talk or do they walk the talk. It can be very confusing for masculine and frustrating for feminine to navigate.

NOW is the time to be in the know and in flow with even greater changes that are coming in 2024. Learn how to bridge the gap of sexual encounters to a new level of intimacy by understanding the gap.

Whether you are married, single, dating, sexual, or celibate, this group is for you. Even if your relationship is epic, This information will help you raise the bar no matter how great your communication, sex and intimacy are. You will have clarity, set healthy boundaries and learn how to create safety for women to have the desire to interact with healthy masculine energy.

In Greece, I completed a tantra training by masters to teach heart opening tantra to men 

Learn more about “Why Women Think Men Are Misbehaving”

Course Highlights:

  • Understand Instinctive Reactions
  • Master the Important Art of Transition
  • Enhance Communication & Intimacy
  • Decode Women’s Need for Connection
  • Get in Sync with the Opposite Sex
  • Experience the beauty of Sacred Union Tantra
  • My qualifications to share this conscious information. . . .

I am certified to teach seminars called “Understanding Men, Celebrating Women!”  .

I am certified to faclitate psychodrama (Constellation Therapy) to heal parental imprints (Childhood Issues) 

I completed a month long course to teach “Heart Opening Tantra

If you are not locally from St George you can still sign up and request a recording. Videos will also be posted in Conscious Community as well. 

Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert


Unlock the power of Family Constellation, Personal Constellation, and Tantra for profound transformation and healing. Dive deep into the realms of your subconscious, unravel ancestral patterns, and cultivate intimacy within yourself and your relationships. Book your consultation now to start your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Click the button below to begin your transformational journey today.

Through the work with Shauna, her team and the wonderful connections made, at first complete strangers than beautiful friendships, learning via 3D optics, the work is transformative. I learned just how much shame, guilt and resentment we hold and how crippling those emotions are. Through Shauna’s work, I have been able to shift in a dramatic way, creating stronger relationships with self love and my divine creation. It is very hard at first being a skeptic, but curiosity won and for that am grateful of this discovery. 

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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons