Relationship Rescue Course

The biggest misunderstanding men and women have in relating to one another is not having the awareness that there thought process is completely opposite. The way they think, feel, respond, and react to almost everything is opposite from one another. Compare it to the compatabiity of the Mac and PC. Even understanding the most basic and simple differences can save a marriage or relationship. This information is to help you understand yourself and the opposite sex better.

After watching the six videos, you will have greater awareness of these instinctive behaviors; you will be more tolerant and accepting of each other, you will have the ability to self-reflect and observe the behaviors, you may be less judgmental of others and yourSelf! That is when the magic happens.

This information is a result of research that Shauna Cuch participated is and became certified to teach. She researched over 100 men, and taught intimate details with over 200 women. This does not define who you are, or who you choose to be. These are simply reactions of the body that lose their power if you become aware of them and make better choices