Which Four Energies Do You Operate?

In this course, we will explore the fascinating world of the Four Energies and Our Divine Connection to Our Higher Self. The first two energies we’ll delve into are the Male and Female Energies. The Male Energy, associated with the right side of the body, is characterized by its instinctive reactions of hunting, single focus, and a results-driven mindset. However, it tends to suppress emotions and may lead to frustration, anger, and a need to control outcomes. On the other hand, the Female Energy, linked to the left side of the body, exhibits scattered energy and seeks safety through control and manipulation. By understanding these energies, we can learn to strike a balance between focus, emotional awareness, and authentic self-expression.

As we progress through the course, we’ll uncover the transformative power of the Masculine and Feminine Divine. The Masculine Divine, our higher self, drives us to take inspired action, confront truths without defensiveness, and maintain impeccable integrity. It focuses on visions and intentions, taking care of logistics without attachment to specific outcomes. On the other hand, the Feminine Divine complements the Masculine Divine, emphasizing the importance of starting our day with a vision and intention to stay in constant flow and connection with others and everything around us. By embracing our Divine Connection to our Higher Self, we can cultivate a deep sense of intuition, joy, and grace while emanating love, light, and truth without judgment, leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

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  • 4 Lessons