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An Update on our Cruise Down The Nile

I want to share with you the peace that we as a group feel on this Cruise even though a war began on the same day we opened up the portals.

To be here and witness the power of the I Am, to know that we are the creators of our reality. To realize that we are connected to everything that’s happening in the world. That we are responsible for everything. Because we are all one. We are all connected.

There is no need to fear by keeping it outside. Bring all that’s happening all conflicts and chaos into our hearts and burn it with the fire of our hearts. Be the word. The word is I AM

A message from Matias

“Some people have asked or questioned why if on the 22nd we began a new cycle with the opening of the portals of the Earth, that same day something horrible began like the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I answer: It is important to let go of the Christian, Islamic and Judaic idea that every spiritual being seeks to build a paradise of peace and love where there is never any conflict. Lets be aware that nature does not work like that. I never said that what we are doing is for peace. From the beginning we have been told that worse things are coming at this beginning of the cycle, and that we must precisely do all this to sustain consciousness in hard planetary processes. Crises and wars are catharsis of energetic tension, it is released, but the issue is to ensure that tension is never generated. Russia is awakening the world’s attention to this territory that becomes our new North Pole, and for this reason, it uncovers its energy in the way that it knows and knows. I clearly condemn the attitudes of Russia, as they are in complete disharmony, however it is the tool they know to expand. So, let’s stop attaching religious expectations to the spiritual path and start acting according to evolution. From here I join the call of “No to War”, and I call on everyone to unite in intention so that Ukraine can find a future and Russia can find internal peace.” This is why we are at peace. We can choose to unite in this intention and spread this consciousness to our community, rather than join the chaos of taking sides or judging what we know nothing about. The media will always promote divide and conquer with fear rather than unification and unconditional love. That is why nether side has truth. There is only one truth, the I AM. If you do not understand how to process this darkness I have made a 4 week online course on how to integrate and transcend all this madness and chaos. It costs very minimal so that you can learn it and share it with your loved ones. Namaste


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