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Earth Is Not a Conscious Planet ~ Yet!

What does this mean? I am sharing with you a summary of what we were taught by Maties De Stefano on Day 3.

Planet Earth is not within the resonance of the confederation. When this network of planets was looking for new planets, they believed that Earth has the inner power to be able to evolve. If we activate the planetary network, we can use the pyramids and the nodes to access new information.

If we don’t open to this consciousness, we won’t be able to evolve and we keep repeating our cycles on a loop. If the Earth does not reach the right resonance, it won’t be able to share its data. That is why we are being helped by other Beings. The necessity of this task (activating planetary network in Egypt) is help us transcend our lives so we are seeing from a cosmic and universe point of view. This is not a political matter, every action is according to vibration. The confederation (the action that connects a group of beings that share the same faith to one another), is always looking for other planets to become conscious and helping them to do so. This way, it can always share more information and other points of view with these other planets. It does not mean the confederation wants happiness and wants us to live in paradise. It is just the way the Universe works. It is quite straightforward Beings-ETS. Matais De Stefano ~~~~~~~ My personal contract/commitment and purpose is to help raise the consciousness of the planet by transmuting darkness or shadow within ones energy field, thereby raising the resonance of the planet.

I was trained and certified in an ancient modality called Family Constellations that help bring you into the four stages of the fourth density: expression, experimentation, integration and transcendence. Throughout our history, a lot of information has already been downloaded. Every planet has its light and dark phases. Nonetheless, according to Matais, it is time for our system to be reactivated, in order to interconnect the interplanetary network.

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200