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The Seekers Path to Emotional Liberation

What is Shadow?

Shadow is anything that is not aligned with your Higher Self, your Source or with God, such as blame, shame, guilt, negative emotions, ancestral baggage, ego, jealousy, resistance, etc. Scientists say we only know 10% of who we are, shadow is that 90% of our unconscious emotions that become our teachers. “Know thy Self and you know God”

Shadows job is to stop you from your light. We often have judgment on our shadow, we want to project it outside of our self. Many times, we want to claim we are taking on other peoples stuff. Most often, not always, that is not the case, if we are triggered by other peoples stuff it is because we have the mirror to it and our higher Self wants to bring it to our awareness, bring it to the light with love and compassion.

What is a Seeker?

A Seeker is one who has chosen to take the leap of faith to  disrupt shadow patterns that are stopping them from their dreams and goals.

After you have made the commitment to show up for your Self, you attend the scheduled Family Constellation Therapy Retreat that could be a one day, two day or more. You will be one of four sessions held in a day.

You first discuss with the facilitator in confidence, what in your life you would like to shift or heal. The facilitator will understand and write down a list of what needs to be represented in the circle called the knowing field of truth. From that list, you will choose a representative from the attendees to play the part of each one on the list. 

The facilitator will bring the representatives in alignment with the energy in your field that is creating the issue so you can observe the truth of the mysteries that were once hidden from you.  The Seeker and Facilitator are the only ones who know what they are representing. The Representatives do not know who they are and the Seeker does not have to share with them afterwards if they don’t feel comfortable about anyone knowing your issues. There is no judgment in the knowing field, it is simply a play or movie and you are the star. It is up to the Seekers discretion rather or not they want to share after the constellation is over. 

The issues will magically show up with the representatives, ready to be expressed because you have set a strong intention and made the decision to take responsibility for them energetically and they are able to express what was there to be heard and witnessed. 

What is a Representative?

A representative is the Seekers support group! They are in service to the conscious community as a whole. They are your cheerleaders, yet they  are also setting an intention for what they would like to change or shift in their own life. Because once they step into the knowing field, they are connecting to the love, light, and truth of the Universe! They are expressing the truth that represents the part they were chosen to represent. 

It does not take talent nor gifts to represent. It happens naturally although you will discover that you are also representing that same issue in your life that needed awareness. That is the magic, we are all connected with similar issues and it all works off of the intention we set. You are perfectly safe to represent. You are not being possessed or influenced by anything that does not serve you. A trained  facilitator is fully aware of what is happening as you play your role. It happens naturally and without effort. Be at ease, if you are asked to represent for someone you love, show up and  just observe if you need to, before you choose to represent. 

If and when you choose to represent, you are truly rewarded by being in service because you are a part of the greater whole, assisting in transmuting the negative energy to the positive in a flash. It is a beautiful way to serve and be served my friend. You are a part of flipping the switch from the unconscious to the conscious to help us find cohesiveness in our journey of enlightenment.

What is the Knowing Field?

This is a space created by a Facilitator, a Seeker, and a group of people in service to the greater plan of existence. They come together in a circle to connect to the crystal grid of love, light, and truth. To bring awareness to a Seeker who is consciously choosing to change and shift their existence on this planet. The space is orchestrated by a Higher Source that is there to serve those seeking a higher consciousness. 

This is where the science and Spirit merge as one. Shauna’s work was studied by a Neuroscientist;  you will find the video recording of the results on a blog called “The Science of Manifesting” It feels like a mini-universe because of the magic that takes place. Without the representatives knowing who they are, they have the ability to express the truth of the energy or person they are representing. The transmutation that is happening is phenomena in and of itself. It is scientifically explained in the experiment called the “Double slit experiment” showing the observer can transmute energy with a strong intention of love. 

What is Family Constellation Therapy?

This has nothing to do with the stars! Family Constellation Therapy is a form of energy healing where people are invited to take a journey inwards and explore the parts of themselves that may remain silent, but always present. Through it, individuals can uncover the underlying causes of all resistance such as blame, shame, guilt and fear. 

Family Constellation Therapy retreats created for this purpose offer participants a safe space to release their experiences and nurture healing from within. Private constellations on your schedule are available as well. The inner work achieved through family constellations therapy helps people create more freedom in their lives by understanding feelings of powerlessness, connecting with sources of strength, and discovering new solutions for growth. This profound exploration allows an individual to move forward in an empowered, authentic way.

Can you use Family Constellation Therapy to work through these emotions and move on from them?

Absolutely! For example: I once had a man ask to be a seeker and join my circle. He was no longer in love with his wife but stayed married/separated for two years because he did not want to hurt her. His challenge was, he could not move on and they were both very unhappy.

We put it in the circle and the representative of his wife cried until the emotions were released around it. That representative also had the same issue. When he returned home she approached him and told him it was time they get a divorce, she knew energetically he did not love her. She gave him a divorce without pain and drama. All of the shame, blame, and guilt he had over leaving her was no longer present.

Family Constellation Therapy is a powerful tool to disrupt the patterns in your life that keep you playing small or staying busy to resist your truth about yourSelf. This technique works by bringing awareness to the larger patterns and dynamics at play so that you can observe without judgment and make positive changes in their life.

Through Family Constellation Therapy, individuals can explore their experiences in an environment where they feel safe and supported. By understanding how these negative beliefs originate from our ancestors and how they manifest in our behavior, we can gain insight into our thought patterns and feelings.

It is very empowering to actually witness what is in your energy field. As this understanding develops, it allows us to move beyond the limitations of blame, shame, and guilt toward a more liberated state with greater potential for success in living our dreams. Here is a testimony of one of my first participants when I first started.

“I am 61 years young.  I have been in counseling every week/month, from the age of 11 years to 33 years of age.  This mode of work kept me alive, yet the issues never really dealt with and therefore, never went away.

I was suicidal from (maybe?) an “almost” drowning at 2 ½ to continue on to many suicide attempts throughout my life.  Some closer than others. I am now happy to say….. I failed in those attempts!!! I was not always able to say that.

From a young age, I was always in search of some relief.  I tried reading books but to no avail. I went through Alcoholism, anorexia/Bulimia and other run away and hide techniques.

I finally went off antidepressants and stopped calculating how to die by around the age of 54. What I really wanted to be rid of was the apathy and complacency that stayed. I have made going to workshops a career since 1985.

I started hearing about ancestry work and thought “REALLY??”  But then I thought, “Why not??, maybe??” I showed interest but never took the steps to participate.

Then I tried constellation work with Shauna.  I was amazed at the plethora of aha moments that came from just being a representative. My “darkness” (or now what I know as my shadow) started lifting more and more.

I decided to do a Personal Constellation around my family. I was shocked with the things that came up. Things that people had no way of knowing. Things that were only relevant to me and my family. One outcome that was the oddest to me was that a week and a half later, my mother, for reasons of her own and had severed all ties with me for 7 years, had SUDDENLY called me. I wanted to believe it was a coincidence yet I know better. I could hardly believe it. I did nothing different except to participate in the Personal Family Constellation.

A year later, I joined Shauna in a 4 day retreat. We worked with horses and did many constellations in the group. What I found evolved was a constant release of darkness and a beautiful unfolding of light in my soul. It continued for weeks.

I have learned that I have cut ties with some things in my past. Cut contracts with family members that I did not need to take on, and one I didn’t even know existed because it was buried so deep. The pain was so deep that I did not want to face it.  After the constellation, I found the courage to do that on my own. I needed the guidance of someone like Shauna that can “read”, “sense”, “Know” where shadows hide and helped me feel safe enough to face the trauma and then release.

It has not been perfect because I had many shadows. But those particular ones have not reared their ugly heads since and I am grateful.

If you are ready to move on and let go of some of your family trauma, even the hidden ones,  I would highly recommend working with Shauna.”

Thank you Lorrie, it was such a privilege to watch you transform with ease and grace.

What are some of the benefits of using Family Constellation Therapy to deal with these emotions?

We flip the switch from unconscious to conscious so now you have cleared the energy of your negative patterns and you find mastery over your emotions. They no longer run your life. It helps to create greater awareness so we can choose thoughts, emotions, and actions consciously rather than being driven by unexpressed fear. Family Constellation Therapy also gives people the ability to act from a place of self-compassion based on understanding rather than struggling against a fierce inner critic.

By bringing these suppressed emotions into reality and addressing them in a safe setting, it offers us the opportunity for positive change and personal growth. Once they are witnessed and observed, that pattern is transmuted out of your energy field.

The most beautiful part is after the process is done, the seekers and representatives all become family because they are so much more aware of each persons struggles. When you are representing other peoples issues, you loose the judgments and feel the compassion for all involved.

How can you get started with Family Constellation Therapy if you’re feeling stuck in any of these emotions right now?

To get started in Family Constellation Therapy, start with scheduling an appointment with me. I will give you my honest opinion of rather or not I can help you with your challenges through Family Constellation Therapy.  If you feel good about it, then at this time, we offer a first-time introductory constellation.

If you join our Conscious Community yearly subscription you will have the opportunity to do your work. You will definitely see the magic taking place. The phrase that I hear almost every time as a seeker while watching their own life play out in the knowing field. . .  “This is mind blowing!”

We are excited to support your journey to free yourself of the dense emotions that you may have carried for a lifetime. Free yourself of the 3D emotions that unconsciously take over your life. No matter how powerful and overwhelming they seem, you will have much more strength and control to rise above them after the Family Constellation Therapy.

Taking that first courageous step towards understanding your deeper self. This will start a ripple effect of positive energy, helping you access genuine results in your Self. With the right resources, such as an experienced facilitator (be sure to ask if they are trained and certified), Family Constellation Therapy provides clarity and insight into the way your life mirrors the dynamic of unprocessed emotion.

Not only that, but we can also reap some amazing benefits like heightened self-awareness, a greater sense of personal power, improved relationships, and more abundance in our life. If you’re feeling stuck in any of these negative emotions right now, know that there is hope. Family Constellation Therapy can help you work through them so that you can finally move on.


Why Are Retreats More Powerful if You Do Family Constellation Therapy?

Family Constellation Therapy clears out your energetic field and disrupts old patterns. The earth is shifting out of that energy but your body is still holding onto that old energy until you choose to clear it. 

Energy creates matter, right? So, when we include Family Constellation Therapy, you are disrupting dysfunctional patterns for good. You will immediately feel the shift in your energy field. You will no longer attend a retreat just to walk back home into that revolving door of old patterns! Why? Because you have dealt with it on an energetic level. 

We have several different retreats to accommodate different lifestyles or preferences such as Men’s retreats, women’s retreats, couple retreats, parenting retreats, divorce retreats, new entrepreneur retreats, business consulting retreats, corporate retreats and more.

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Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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Family constellations kept my marriage together when it was about to fall apart. After 2013 something shifted and I began to sort through my past with memories and feelings surfacing that I had ignored and buried for many years. I became aware of ancestral trauma and emotional patterns that were suddenly tearing on all of my relationships. During the constellations these issues, events, and emotions were shown, sorted out, and healed. And there was a lot. From events of war and holocaust to leaving my home country, I was able to heal and clear the impact and because of it feel light and free.

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