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Shauna’s Fall in Atlantean Times: Rising Today on a Strong Foundation

In my earlier days of religious doctrine, I did not believe in past lives. Then I read a powerful book called “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.” That book changed my life forever.

I set an appointment with Mayron Sardou to give me an akashic reading. I was quite amazed at the results. I have never had an akashic reading before. What this showed me is how important it is to heal any significant past life’s so we don’t keep repeating the patterns.

 After we heal our ancestral trauma, it is important to hire someone that is very reputable like Mayron, to take you back into any past life that is still affecting  your energy field from unresolved trauma or relationship incompletions. This came at a time when I had taken a nine month sabbatical from my work to go deeper into my own childhood trauma and abuse that had been shut out for years. After doing several constellations and plant medicines, I was finally able to release severe complex PTSD trauma in my body.

The abuse was actually a gift for sure! Apparently I left my body as an infant during that time and I am just learning that is the reason I am very gifted at seeing the unseen/unheard when I facilitate Family Constellation Therapy. It took me a while to realize that I had never fully entered my body from that trauma until I completed my healing process.

I had shut out the memory of it so it took a lot to go that deep. This was my time to heal my inner Child to raise my frequency and leave my past behind me. So this reading came at the perfect time! It addresses the reason for a lifetime of failures and self-sabotages I have had in my life.

I was in a space of up-leveling and deepening my ancestral constellation work. The reason I am sharing this reading with you is because it has changed my life significantly. It is one of many chain of events in this deep healing process.  Also, the Ascended Master Anna mentioned my constellations in the reading and that is very significant to the work I do.

I am going to make notes in bold so you can see how this applied to my present circumstances

I am turning this time over to the script of the reading from Mayron. . . . .

I see a blue aura that indicates the frequency of the star brothers and sisters that are by your side. There are two Arcturian’s, male and female on each side of you. (This is who has assisted me to open and close vortexes for the constellations.) 

I see yourself looking at a pyramid, which seems to be in Egypt. There is you and another lady by your side, both of you wearing white dresses, like priestesses. As I start seeing more clearly, I can see three pyramids. 

You are talking to this lady about the stars, the constellations, and the new year approaching, as you’ll be celebrating the new year when Sirius rises in the sky before sunrise. You are also talking about all of the year’s teachings, everything you have accomplished this year, and the initiation of many people. What great work has been done in that year, you have a lot to celebrate. 

I see a man arriving close to you, he hugs you, and he hugs the other lady. This tall man was your brother, he is enjoying this talk and has a good sense of humor. (This is describing my life partner that will be entering my life very soon now with a sense of humor.) He says how you two are so serious about this game, about this play, about the stars, and he reminds you that it’s all a big dream; it is all only a dream. I see your three laughing. (This helps me see now that I am taking life too seriously and I get to find humor and lighten up)

I see you going back to your room, getting a papyrus sheet, and you start drawing or painting. You make a circle in this papyrus, and you draw the circle with twelve slices. You write and draw the teachings of every single phase. Each slice represents a constellation. Then, you include twelve wishes for for this upcoming year, one wish per each of the twelve signs, each wish related to the teachings of the sign.

This process takes a long time, more than four hours as you start and you draw and paint this papyrus, making beautiful art out of it while you burn some incense. When the work is done, I can see a beautiful map of time created for the following year, with goals that will drive your journey. (This is a very important piece to my reading because of the fall of Atlantis all my wished failed)

It starts getting dark, and you move to a different place, it looks like a palace. It’s an enormous hall, maybe in a temple or the main hall of a palace. You and many others are having dinner. It looks like a hierarchical society at this time. I see people that relate to priestesses and priests, and some that are related to military roles like generals, captains and so on. I also see the man and the woman who rule, they are on a higher table centralized in relation to the room.

I see you talking to different people, you have many connections and a great relationship with the people around you. I also see some whispers; (I often have had whisperers all my life so this hit home) Some people don’t vibrate with your energy, and they don’t fit in the harmony of this place.

As I pay more attention to the details, I can tell that the clothes that the people wear don’t seem like Egyptian, I still don’t know when that event took place, but most everyone is dressed in white. 

The King makes a speech, he talks about hope, prosperity, and a new beginning. He invites everyone to be in front of the Sphinx before Sunrise, so all can connect with the stars from Sirius in honor of the ancient lineage that was brought to this planet. And it’s clear to me now that we are in Atlantis. The couple that initially appeared in the vision was your brother and sister-in-law.

After dinner, you stop by your room, get some things and go to the brother’s room to invite him to the Sphinx. I can see people gathering around the Sphinx, and I can also see that the Sphinx has Lion’s head and not a human head as nowadays. 

As people gather around the Sphinx, I can see them chanting a sound. Almost like a mantra, but they don’t need to open their mouths. They are humming a mantra while they wait for the Stars Sirius to appear. When Sirius appears in the sky, before sunrise, all people look in the same direction, and they all show the palm of their right hand in the direction of Sirius. At this moment, I can also see a UFO, with a triangular shape; I can count twelve ships rotating around and about the pyramids, and the energy around gets more intense and still at the same time. 

Time goes by, and we are in a different moment. We’re advancing in time. I see you working in a temple, it’s a very dark temple with few sources of light. (This is important because the Ascended Master Anna will refer to this at the end of the reading.) And I see a chamber with water, and you are initiating people.

You are working with your brother and his wife. You three work together, initiating people inside this temple. The man holds the Ankh, in front of these people that are being initiated while you and your sister-in-law are chanting mantras. The person is shaking in an altered state of mind. She is shaking intensely in the water chamber. I can feel how the chant you sing resonates with the Ankh, and the man redirects that vibration to the heart of that person. That is how you imprinted vibrational codes in the body of the person initiating, you were channeling frequencies from the stars to that person. The Ankh was used to amplify and redirect that energy to the person.

We’re advancing in time once again, and I can see you much older now. You are an ancient priestess in a council. The atmosphere now is very different, solemn. The ancient members of this council are discussing what to do next.

The energy of the city has destabilized. You already know what is coming. So the council decides to send people to different parts of the planet to restart the communities. But you and other priests and priestesses will focus on anchoring the energy and codes in the earth’s crystalline grid, and will imprint those codes in the energetic grid of the plant so when the time is right, people can unfold that information from the earth’s magnetic field. But you knew you needed to do that in a specific way, in a ceremony, to hide that information so no other beings can have access to it until the time is proper. 

You will do that inside the pyramid. I see you and other priestesses arriving at the pyramid, and it’s very windy, the sand covers everything, and it’s hard to see in front of you with this sandstorm. I see you, your brother, and his wife leading younger priestesses and priests. I see you three setting up this ceremony, and you start singing, in an altered state of mind, channeling codes and imprinting those codes in the pyramid.

You all sing for hours and hours inside the pyramid. This process is heavy on your body, and you all end up tired and dizzy. Outside of the pyramid, it gets even worse. You are weak and dizzy, and the sandstorm only got worse. You keep walking back in the sandstorm.

You understand your mission is complete, and there is no reason to keep waking. You lay down, cover your face and ask the spirit to die in peace because you did what you were supposed to do… That is where you died. You go to the other side of the veil, I see your Soul is being received by your Spiritual family hugging you and thanking you for all you did. 

You did your mission, you accomplished your mission in that life. You brought so much healing, so much information, so much evolution to those around you but, there was a big issue, collective that caused the fall of Atlantis. 

Now let’s ask the Masters to explain the life. So Master Anna will talk. . .

My dear one. We open this life to remember that just like that time you accomplished your mission bringing light and love to the earth, you’re also doing this at this time. 

We appreciate you so much. We appreciate the spiritual work you’re doing. We are with you all the time. But this time will be different, earth is changing again but this time is not a fall, it is a rise. 

So much work was put on earth, life after life after life for the old souls to arrive here in this moment.  But a new world cannot stand above a weak base so the base may shake, but this time it will rise. 

You already have the answers in your heart. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your purpose, it’s a vibration. It is a journey, not an end goal. 

Your purpose is to vibrate. Vibrate light, love and as you vibrate light and love conscious about your own true self, you will bring the tools you will bring the gifts from the Earth. 

You placed them in the grid so much time ago and you are already channeling those gifts in the work you do. It is time to activate those gifts, those tools inside of you.

You are free, you are free, you are free, my dear one. Choose your next steps, to be happy, to live in joy. There’s still too much work to do, But there is also no burden. 

There is no burden. Any choice you make will be loved and respected and honored by your spiritual family. We are by your side and we love you unconditionally. 

(This is where Anna tells me to make the wheel again, so I did. The picture of the wheel is in this blog, I have no doubt it will all come to pass!) We are inviting you to do the same exercise you did last time, drawing a wheel. And now we invite you to add 3 different layers as you draw the circle. 

Write down the accomplishments in your life so you can be grateful for them, you can thank every single one of them. Then you can write what you want for next, placing your wishes, your twelve wishes in the energy of the signs. Then add a third layer that we are going to co-create with you. Whatever you want in your next life? You have the power now to co-create that. We will do it together, you and Spirit. And you can choose the life you want to have. 

Oh, dear Shauna, we know your name. We know what you think, what you feel, at every single second. And we are with you in love, in presence. 

Reading by Mayron Sardou

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mayron, this was amazing and helped me understand so much about why I have had so many failures in my life. I am confident that that is about to change, I am working on having a strong foundation so I can rise up as promised.

Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

My only two children, two sons, both died within a five year period. The trauma was so intense that I spent a couple of years in deep grief and then years in psychotherapy. I’m very grateful for the time in therapy and the skills I learned that help me to love myself, forgive and let go. But still there was something deep in me that needed help. In the safety of the “Circle” of Family Constellation, I was able to face the pain that I had buried so deep I didn’t know what it was or how to heal it. In the Circle, the buried emotions came up and out. And in the light of day, those terrifying, buried emotions were seen, heard, expressed and began to lose their power. The Circle initiated a clearing of dense emotions and a clarity which offered me the empowerment I needed to heal and to open myself to love. The Circle has transformed me in ways beyond what I had hoped for.

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