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Akashic Readings Reveal Past Life Soul Wounds

I had no idea what it was like to have an Akashic Reading until I had one by an acquaintance during my travels in Argentina with Matías De Stefano.

Just recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a man called Mayron Sardou at one of our men’s initiation retreats. I was immediately touched by his energy. He was serving Hape at the event. I had never seen anyone serve it in such a beautiful and gentle way as he did.

At the time, I was not aware that he did Akashic Readings, I just knew I was very drawn to his energy and felt like he was familiar soul.

I earnestly said “Mayron, I would love to have you come to represent for me at my Family Constellation Therapy event.”

His eyes lit up and he quickly replied, “I would love to participate.”

He was a natural. Some people can go really deep their first time and some take a while to drop in. He was not only an amazing representative, but he was very respectful and willing to be in service to the group.

He walked up to me afterwards and said. “That was very interesting and deep work. I really enjoyed being a part of this work”.

We had a great discussion about the importance of Family Constellation Therapy because he was aware of the changes and shifts that were taking place amongst the participants.

It was not until later on I found out from a friend that he did Akashic Readings. So I called him up and scheduled one with him. It was one of the most powerful and influential Akashic Readings or any other kind of reading I have ever had.

It may sound strange, but Mayron seems to actually go there in Spirit. I will share more about my reading on another blog because I would love tell you why it was life-changing for me.

I wanted to first introduce you to Mayron’s Akashic Reading gift and his ancient wisdom. I am honored to call him family, he has already joined our Conscious Community. In fact, because of his deep wisdom, he is going to lead out with the book discussion that we have on the Conscious Community. Check it out because the book he is going to introduce might possibly be where you want to begin if you are just awakening to the eternal call of your soul.

The following is Mayron’s Akashic Reading of himself and his introduction to how beneficial readings are. Enjoy his beautiful energy. . . 

Hi beautiful souls! My name is Mayron, and I will start unfolding my past lives and Shauna’s past lives in a monthly post. The idea is to introduce the concept of past lives to you and unfold how those energies still affect our daily lives. I can unfold those lives by accessing the Akashic Records.

Do you know what the Akashic Record is? The Akashic Record is an infinite database, where all the information of our past, present, parallel lives, and possibilities are recorded. It is like a network of living, infinite and universal memory of information that permeates everything.

The Akashic Record is a field of information protected and supported by our Divinity, which access is available to assist us in awakening Consciousness. By accessing your past life records, we can identify experiences in which there were problems, especially those of an emotional nature that sometimes leave deep marks on our unconscious. Accessing these Records allows us to bring light and consciousness to these events that manifest in our present lives as traumas, blockages, and conflicts that prevent the natural flow of existence.

I’m describing what I unfolded in one of my Akashic Record access below. I invite you to come on this journey with me. “

The Gypsy 

In a rough sea, people are running from side to side inside a ship… I see myself trying to help in any way. It is very windy, with huge waves moving the ship. I take the bolt helm and instruct the sailors to stay calm and organized. After the storm, the sky opens, and we can see the sun again.  

We land on a beach from a magnificent ship. We wear colorful clothes and black boots, with white and red details. We walk through that beach, which is very windy, and I see dunes in different colors, I also see some abandoned buildings along the way. 

After a long walk, we arrived at a village. When I arrived, people from the huts came to welcome us as we were returning home. A lady hugged me; she wore a beige and white burqa. She is a dear person, perhaps my mother or grandmother. We entered one of the houses, and she served me food. I told her about business and sales and that everything worked out as usual. This lady has light skin, blonde hair, and facial expression marks. She said that my father would be proud of me (she is my mother). She asked about my brother. A boy arrived who looked like me but with curly hair. And I teased him by saying he’s always late. My mom wanted to go with us one day, but we told her it was dangerous. 

Time passed, and I visited grandma’s house at a lake. The grandmother looks a lot like the mother, only older. Grandma asked what we brought to her, and I gave her an earring while my brother gave her a ring. I’m about 20 years old, and my brother is around 17. The grandmother lived alone and said that everyone should have their own space. We stayed in the village for a week and then left to sail again and sell our spices and other products from this village. We loaded the ship with wooden crates and sold our spices and supplies, and we departed.

We were sailing, and I couldn’t see the shore anymore. At some point, a large ship intercepted us. The crew on this ship wears light armor, and many are bald, apparently Vikings. And they threw spears at our ship. We were robbed, and several of our crew were killed. My brother and I hid behind a chest in the captain’s cabinet, then I took a wooden box and jumped into the sea. They didn’t go after us but set the ship on fire. We saw ourselves in the middle of the ocean, floating in this crate. It started to get darker and darker and was so cold…

Time passes, the day dawns, and we are still afloat. After countless hours, we finally reach a beach with dark sand and rocks. My brother is unconscious, and I try to revive him while noticing at all the sunburn on his face. Once he recovered consciousness, we started walking around, looking for help. We were perceiving the trees near the shore, which were very different from our country. A tall bearded man with long hair came to our aid. He spoke another language so we can’t understand each other, but he brings water and fruits. The man was friendly, and although we didn’t speak the same language, he managed to invite us to stay with him.

We stayed there for weeks, trying to learn this new language. We created a great friendship with this man, despite being unable to communicate well. At some point, he took us to a village, but nobody spoke our language except for one person, a priest. The priest was also welcoming, and he began to teach us the language of these people. We started to help the priest with services, construction, and general affairs. My brother and I were sociable, and since we came from sales, we knew how to make friends and interact with people. Then more and more, we were accepted by this community. The priest said that we came from very far, but nothing is impossible for God. My brother and I helped the people with multiple community services; they used wood in all their constructions and different tools. The priest said he would try to find a way for us to go home and started sending many letters. We kept waiting for a response while we lived our new life.

Years went by, no answers, and we were getting older. Back in the village, my grandmother and mother ended up living together, constantly crying, thinking their children had died. And we were always worried about them, wondering how they were doing.

One day we decided to leave this village to look for a boat and try to return home. The priest convinced us to go by ground and gave us horses and some gold to help our new adventure. We started a new journey, stopping at city after city. We learned other languages and continued to sell and buy things, never stopping for too long in the same town. We looked like gypsies. We bought a wagon and kept traveling. We had no idea how to return home, so we kept traveling, hoping that destiny would bring us back there one day. We didn’t start families or settle down anywhere, living in the wagon. We kept looking for our home until the moment of our death.

Master’s explanation:

The masters of the Akashic Record explained that they opened this life to heal my anxiety, lack of hope, and fear of failure. I used to have a constant wish to move and live in different places, but after this reading, I felt at peace where I am in my present life. The masters also mentioned that my current life purpose is to heal through words, and they asked me to meditate on this statement.

As I promised, I will be sharing the experience of my reading with Mayron and why it was so profound, so stay tuned. One important thing I was told in mine, that Big Souls have been preparing themselves for many life-times to arrive at this time on the Earth.

Planet Earth is considered one of the most difficult planets to master. The purpose of Conscious Community is so we can support each other in gaining mastery over the mysteries and shadow that reside in our energy field. If you would like to experience more information on this, please click on and join our Conscious Community and learn more from Mayron and his wisdom.

Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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