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Information About 45 Letters of the Atlantean Symbology Alphabet

The groups fire and water will be using the letters. The 45 groups are going to be with Matias in the pyramid. Matias will welcome each group inside and we will work together. We will be like a fractal of Earth and there will be 45 fractals of Earth. Each one of the 45 groups are going to represent a letter.

The group fire and water together are going to represent the nodes of Earth and each one of the 45 nucleus/Coordinators are going to represent a letter of the Atlantean alphabet. The flower is the sexual organ of a plant. It has the pollen to proliferate and the nectar is like a sperm. It attracts the insects and birds. As they fly from flower to flower, they are able to spread the pollen/nectar to reproduce them all.

Imagine that we are 32 petals with a nucleus. Each one of these nodes will have to shine in order to attract other beings to expand the information towards the magnetic field and resonate throughout the world.

The center of the flower is the one the one that has the code, and the petals are able to attract other enlightened beings to call their attention in order to propagate the information to Earth and the universe.

This is how we need to represent the nodes. Saying that we have the information to be propagated seeing that these beings are like hummingbirds to attract them to change the world we live in.

The pyramid is an amplifier of essences of these flowers/nodes/portals. The coordinator will oversee establishing this vibration of love, will, wisdom as well as vibration, energy and natter in order to send this info essences to the world.

We will be using the Merkabah ignite as a petal, and we will be able to create the flower of life and shaping it through the whole planet.

Each letter has its specific information that we need to spread around the world. In the Atlantean philosophy, the letters have a technology to open time and space.

They are not simply to write and communicate. Each one of the letters is considered a Key to creation. This is the reason why the word is creation whenever we manifest something via the words we say. There is logic and history behind all these letters. They are not random.

I have included the Atlantean Letter that my group is assigned.

This is a monumental event taking place that can only happen every 12,000 years. If you want to learn more about it, I have a special WhatsApp group with all the videos that Matias is sending us to understand in detail the importance of this task and what it involves. The more people who participate the better off we are.

For those of you who would like to join us wherever you live, find a place of seclusion and quiet to create your own participation. Study and learn all about what we are doing so you can become one with the group. Matias de Stefano is welcoming everyone on the planet to participate.

If you can understand the meaning and the importance resonating in your heart chakra. I have a link to a song that is resonating in 432 Hertz to help you while you’re meditating to find that resonance. All other music is vibrating enough throat chakra, so this is a different music to assist you in finding the resonance of your heart chakra during your meditation. You can make a difference by doing the daily tasks that we were given. They will be on the group. If you are interested, email me at and I will make you a member of this group so you can receive the information necessary to participate.

“We are learning the sacred letters of the Atlantean tongue. The letters are not just letters, the alphabet tells a story. Each letter represents a concept, like hieroglyphics but on a higher level of consciousness. The letters are all written within the geometry of the merkaba inside the hexahedron. The entire alphabet read either from start to finish, or from the ending to beginning, tells the entire story of the universe. This is because the story of the universe is cyclical rather than linear, so from one direction is the descenscion of spirit into matter, and from the other direction the ascension from matter back to spirit. The vibrations of these letters are codes to activate a higher consciousness. The metaphor Matias used is that of a flower with a specific essence that attracts insects to pollinate it. When we unite our individual nodes heart to heart around a specific letter, we are as flower petals United around the reproductive system of the flower. We attract higher consciousness to come and fertilize our node with the pollination of Christ-consciousness.

When Drunvalo Melchizedek was preparing to be initiated in the temples of Egypt, Thoth started coming to him every day and teaching him how to say and pronounce specific Atlantean words and phrases in the temples in a specific order to open the doors and complete his initiation. This is a very sacred language, very potent and very high vibrational and it is now being released to the masses. Remember, our word is our world. By learning this new language we are given tools to create the new Atlantis on this planet.” – Brigham (Taita)

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200