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Have You Seen Netflix Series Called Another-Self? 

If you don’t understand Family Constellation Therapy, Another Self is a new series that just came out. Another-Self shows the phenomena of why it is so important to do your own transgenerational work or some call it ancestral trauma. Systemic family constellations reveal the forces that are affecting your family life. It is important for the order of love or the laws of your family system to be healed. 

I call it shadow work because that is what it is. Shadow resists and contradicts the order of love. It becomes the unseen, the unheard, and the unspoken. A hidden entity or vibration that hides in your energy field. It eventually attracts the same trauma or issues that your ancestors were never able to express or resolve. 

This dark energy runs your life creating havoc, yet it can be quickly resolved. I call it driving your bus, because it takes you places you don’t want to go until you learn to grab the wheel and step into your own power. 

Are you ready to face what is there rather than pretend like you have no power over it and life is coming at you. If your answer is YES! Let’s get started. 

You have the ability to embrace those dark places that lie within you, left overs from the forces of your family system that are out of order. It is a dirty job and no one wants to tackle it. . . . unless you are a Big Soul that has made Big Promises to clear up the mess that your ancestors left behind.

Why should I? Well, because of what they went through to get you here. I know that I have gone through hell to bring my family into existence. I would love it if my children could honor that rather than complain about what I did not do for them. 

Complaining or correcting your parents is against the order of love according to Bert Hellinger. He makes it very clear that you do not judge, criticize, or parent the parents. 

The order of the family system is to know your place in that system and the information flows down, not up. We get to learn from our parents’ experience in this life, even if it is learning what not to do and how to forgive.

They do not call it Family Constellation Therapy on Another Self series because it is a misleading title translated from German. It has nothing to do with the stars other than the galaxy has a perfect order. So when we are all connected to a family system that  carries unresolved issues, we get to pay attention to our ancestors trauma. 

The energy from these issues are the cause of mental illnesses and physical diseases in our family system. This can be very frustrating to see our children inherit horrible genetic disorders and bouts of depression that overwhelm their own system. 

Our ancestors never had a chance or the knowledge to deal with this other than institutions and many other harsh treatments. This is a scientific fact you can learn about on a documentary called “Ghost in Your Genes’ 

It feels heavy, causes depression, anxieties, stuck energy, and none of this belongs to you but it stops you from living your truth.

Why, because  your own inherited thinking is handed down from your ancestors that stops you from living your own sacred version of yourSelf.

Watch the series called Another Self and learn more. Science has finally caught up with the fascinating study of epigenetics so all of this is backed by science. 

Go to my website and set up a free strategy session to learn more about your systemic healing of issues that may not belong to you, then go watch Another Self on Netflix. Family Constellation workshops and retreats are available If you care to check us out, it is free to represent for now so give it a try. 

Constellation is often more effective than years of Psychotherapy. How is that possible? Because in one session as a seeker, you will witness, observe and heal unconscious thoughts and emotions that are stuck and holding you back.  

Dr. Shadow
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200