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Science behind how to manifest.

I don’t believe in manifesting, it does not work for me?

How many times have you heard that, or felt the same way?

Is that your experience?

Would you like to know the science behind where  you are creating from and be more conscious of what you are creating?

According to science, we are only conscious of 5% of who we are. Bruce Lipton,  is quoted as saying out of the remaining 95% of the subconscious mind, 70% is stopping us from our dreams.
Stop for just a moment and think about what that means. . . . .
On top of that, the Heart Math Institute studies show only 10% of our communication is verbal! 
What difference does that make? Do you realize that the other 90% also determines what you are creating? On a daily basis, whether you know about it or not, there is a plethora of unspoken history active in your energy field.
All that self-talk, all those emotions that you shut down, all the euthenizing to ignore, and numbing down to avoid. You can only imagine how powerful your negative thoughts are. Why? Because what you resist, persists. Your hidden emotions and stuffed down feelings are being manifested, even though we may only speak verbally to look good. Thats right, you cannot fool the Universe, the looking good conversations do not cover up the truth.
You can in one session of Family Constellation Therapy, flip the switch to bring the unconscious to the conscious mind. Family Constellation Therapy has been proven scientifically to be one of the most powerful tools to unpack all that negative energy you are carrying around in your electromagnetic field.
I quote Dr. Jeffry Fannin, a neuro-scientist who studied our Relationship Alchemy ancestral retreats. He told me “Energy is never destroyed, only transmuted. If you observe negative energy with a strong intention of love, you can transmute it into positive energy. That speaks to the magic of the constellations!

Dr. Fannin was the neuro scientist who first did the research and studies for Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

Dr. Fannin called me after reading the book I wrote called Big Souls Make Big Promises. He said he could prove scientifically what I was saying intuitively.

If you watch the video below, it shows how we unconsciously communicate with each other without realizing it. I call this soul wound bonding. He explains how the constellations work scientifically.

It was my dream to have my ancestral constellations proven scientifically, because it is so powerful and yet difficult to explain. I was so thrilled when it actually manifested!

Dr. Fannin not only did brain mapping, chakra readings and energy studies on my Ancestral Constellation Retreat, but he also participated as a representative in the circle of truth, as part of his study. He talks about it in the video below. Watch it if you want to understand the science of this work. Even Dr. Fannin was surprised at how powerful the experience was.

Many participants have made the statement that it is the deepest most powerful work they have ever done.

Yes, that’s right, do the math. You are not only creating but communicating from the unconscious and subconscious mind. The emotions that come from the electromagnetic field include four generations of ancestral baggage , childhood trauma, and parental imprints. This has a greater influence on what we are creating on a daily basis than most people realize.

Why? Because according to science, when your ancestors die, they do not take their negative energy with them. It stays in your family system until someone takes on the task of transmuting the energy. 

The most frightening part for most people is feeling victim to these circumstances. You feel stuck with these negative thoughts that impact relationships with everyone in your life! You begin to self-loath that voice in your head that never leaves you, or that uncontrollable anger that takes over. 

Many of these self-help programs tell you that you can never rid yourself from these thoughts, you have to replace them. That may be true for them because they are trying to bring the unconscious to the conscious mind. 

Have you ever tried to change an unconscious pattern to a conscious pattern when you have no idea where the ;source is, where it came from, or what the resolution is? Especially when you leave these seminars and your on your own. 

Family Constellation Therapy goes straight to the source of it. You select representatives for your issues, you sit in your chair and watch your life as if it was a movie. The issue comes to light, the truth is spoken, heard, and observed by you while sitting safely in the chair next to me. They don’t even know who they are. You are the one observing while they are expressing what is there.

The pattern no longer exists in your energy field. It is integrated as it is transmuted because you are resolving this energy by going to the source of it. Most often, it did not even come from your lifetime and now you are no longer a victim to your circumstances. 

Listen to how you speak! If your life is always full of negative drama like mine was, then it is coming from the unconscious negativity that you are creating from. Pay attention to every word you say, because words come from thoughts. Thoughts come from the body.

It is really kind of cool when you get curious and begin that journey of discovery! Sometimes it is not so cool because you have breakdowns, yet if you stay with it and keep looking inward, you will always have a breakthrough in the end. No more blaming or shaming!

Your body carries your history. The messages of the body are asking to be heard or spoken out in the open. Bring secrets to the light! Never keep secrets, otherwise they take you hostage, steal your power, and keep you stuck in darkness. That darkness can and will cause mental or physical illnesses. That is what Family Constellation Therapy is for, to help you understand why you keep repeating unhealthy patterns that do not serve you. 

My book talks about Big Souls that arrive here on this earth at this time, to clean all this up in preparation for shifting into the energy of the New Earth. Big souls often end up in my circle because they carry heavy energy in their field from either illnesses or trauma. That is why we end up being in service to others. We have been there and it sucks!

That is why Family Constellation Therapy was so valuable and important to me. It helped me understand what was happening and why. It will reveal and transmute your own secret patterns of shadow or ego if you will, that you have inherited. Even patterns from past lives can be dealt with.

We can make a difference by bringing the unconscious to the conscious mind in a few hours, integrating the shadow by bringing it into the light. Then it is no longer shadow. You will discover why you are communicating negative thoughts unconsciously. 

Oftentimes, your inner critic (shadow) acts like your inner parent criticizing your wounded child that has never been heard, therefor it cannot heal. This pattern can affect your entire life if you allow your inner critic (shadow) to continue to communicate and interrupt your peace. I lived a life-time resisting all this negative energy and destroying relationships from unconscious behaviors. It has been heartbreaking, yet here I am . . . . offering a solution so you can have a better life.

We are in times of great change that requires us to do what it takes so you can easily adapt to new ways. Sexual and physical abuse is a huge factor that will create soul wounds and negative beliefs and trauma that keep us stuck resenting our past rather than healing it. 

The mind easily adapts but the self-talk stops us. Test the brain, observe the negative self-talk coming from the body, causing self-sabotage or blocks. Become aware and notice which voice you listen to. You will recognize the difference in the voice and you. You can continue to work hard at resisting all this negativity or you can take action.

You are the authority. your mind thinks one thing, the body another. Never resist the voice, simply say “thank you for sharing but that does not belong to me.”  Or you may observe by saying “thats an interesting point of view that I have that point of view!” 

Speak at least three times the positive after saying thank you for sharing. It takes 28 days to get rid of the old, 21 days for good habits, it is possible! But sooo much work when you can invest in your Self and quickly get it all out in the open and transmuted in one session with Family Constellation Therapy and very little effort on your part. 

Here are some other suggestions that you may want to write on your mirror to keep you fully aware of what you are creating with your thoughts.

If you do not run your unconscious mind, others will run it for you.

Resistance is hell, for it places man in a state of torment.

If you only send out good thoughts, you cannot receive negative thoughts.

Take every negative situation and baptize it in success.

Nothing can resist a non resistant person.

Integration is seeing one power, resistance is seeing two powers instead of one.

If you resist a situation, it races after you, once you agree the situation is neutral, you will fade your own shadow.

Bless and embrace the shadow that it leaves you with all the wisdom, love and compassion needed.

Bless the future, that doors open, people follow, abundance flows to me and thru me.

Infinite Spirit, bless me that my cup overflows with massive wealth.

Every failure seen as neutral is transmuted into success.

Take the judgment or the mote out of the eyes and look through the eyes of others. You will learn and expand far beyond your imagination. 

Family Constellation Therapy is the most powerful, effective, and efficient method used to bring the unconscious thoughts to the conscious awareness while transmuting the negative energy. Book a session with Shauna NOW and discover what is possible.


Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

“The constellation work has helped me see whether my issues were solely personal or carried on by me through ancestors. In the constellations, the truth has been revealed to me, of the emotions and traumas that have been unexpressed for generations, making it hard for me to progress. I have felt freer in my own life to let go of trauma and to live more whole and to know myself more and more each time and with each day.”
-Jade P.

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200