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Matias sings:

The Creator in his consciousness…… open yourselves…

everything is eternal. All evolution in ours

Remember human reflection of… this world is not satisfied with searching…..

You are here to anchor a message to the network, open yourself to receive, open yourself to receive the flow of a new sun (vision, illusion) … the world …. where receiving is so difficult. Humans are afraid to receive, you believe that receiving has to do with obtaining with…. This world is accustomed to seeking, to taking away, to reclaiming what they consider their own. It will be a new time to come, we will have to open the doors to receive something deeper, for which it is necessary not to judge in receiving. All evolution in our world has taken place without … the adaptation of species in each kingdom in my natural body has been given by the adaptation of the flow of life like a river the water of life adapts like the rocks on the ground. This is the natural law,….for the mind to consider the nature of the flow. In the eagerness of wanting to control the flow of life, you have closed yourselves to receiving and the greatest trauma of receiving is found in your bodies… Woman, it is you who receives the seed of the world, it is you who receives the light from heaven and even so your cells are full of pain from those who have been… raped, your bodies have been outraged. … I know you have been a woman, all originally are women. Remember your body… Remember that the female body was designed to make seeds.

Bodies designed to receive that have been damaged when receiving. This is the story of our world, when it opens like a flower it risks being damaged. You never know who is in the flower, pollinated by bees, gently touched by a butterfly or devoured by insects and animals. But the flow of life in nature never stops. A flower never hesitates to open

Humans doubt, you have the doubt to open the doors. Many beings in this world are afraid to open their doors, they are afraid to open their SELF.

What is the fear of receiving? To have been so damaged in history. Women, your body has been violated. How many here have been abused? How many here in their being keep the pain, how many here?. Remember when you were afraid to receive, when your body closed, when the body closed. Your memory is the memory of millions of women.


Your body….. in the nodes that it represents, project yourself, expand yourself in the network, open yourself in each of your places and from there connect with each female body, mineral, vegetable, animal and human, feel the feminine presence of your node, project yourself into this network feminine.


Feel the soul in your body, caress…


observe the animals that live without judging….

breathe. Your task here today is to release the pain of receiving because this world is preparing for a great leap of evolution, the bees of consciousness are arriving, the butterflies that you call angels are getting closer every day. You are all being prepared to incarnate those divine beings on earth, but you must open yourselves to receive, we know well how difficult it is to let go of the fear of the past, train your cells, all animals and plants live this, everyone knows what it is and you you are animals you know what it is. That is why today you must intensify the network to receive, to receive with . Remember the flowers do not hesitate to grow. Remember, you are the flower and the song… because when I receive what I am capable of receiving, life opens up in me, expanding evolution.



I am the flower of the world

Woman open your vagina, woman open your heart, woman open your voice, woman open your conscience.

Feel the freedom, …. the world. The divine freedom of receiving.

Sacred luxury of life there you find your power….your life

Woman your power is not in the freedom of man, your power is in creation.

I AM the divine… I AM freedom, I AM the caress, I AM… in your world… the world expands….. this is the time in women. It is the time of freedom, so you open your voice to the power of receiving the light of the stars of the universe be in you ¿?. At the end …look out for your mother, look out for your sister, look out for your children, look out for your grandchildren, look out for your grandmother and all your ancestors….


I will be the evolution of consciousness… open yourself to receive the light of consciousness, walk freely on earth, your power waiting, for this is your essence.

⁸9The network of the creative mother has expanded, may your songs reach every corner of the planet and at a precise time nourish each female body with freedom so that it can open freely to receive the flow of a new process of evolution.




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