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We Honor the “Hero’s Journey” of the Abused, 

I have shared openly about my journey of uncovering my trauma and abuse in my sixties. It was deep and hidden because as an infant, I dissociated from my body and emotions, therefore I had no memory of my youth. I knew the abuse was severe but I did not know how severe until it was released in my ancestral constellation. 

After you transmute your energy in Family Constellation Therapy, out of the blue, doors open and events happen to manifest the change in your physical reality. This happens because you transmuted the energy in your energy field, So now it shows up into your physical world! Rather you believe it or not!

After you do your family constellation therapy, you release the old energy that does not serve you. In the crystal grid, you connect to new neuro-pathways that disrupt old patterns and open new doors to new energy and healing opportunities in the physical realm.

An example of this, out of the blue, someone sent me a link to an audible called “Mother Hunger.” Soon after, someone recommended “Your body keeps the score.” When I finally found the time to listen to them, I was stunned. (Note to self; shadow is a powerful influence to get you to resist or procrastinate doing the very thing that could assist you in your evolution.)

While listening, I could hardly concentrate on what I was hearing. My mind had been trained to shut out trauma, so it was a challenge to take it in rather than distract or zone out. Staying busy was my survival!

After listening over and over, I began to hear the words. I was astonished that I had lived 70 years with every single trauma symptom they mentioned.

At one point I became angry!
I gave my children everything that I did not have and yet that was not enough, I still came up short!

Many people seek out Journey into the Heart to heal their trauma because we honor their journey. We understand, we have been there and we know how important the support is. Here is an experience that one of my participants shared with us after stepping into my family constellation therapy. 

“In September of 2021 I was tapped out. I had reached a point in my healing journey where there was no more I could do for myself, so I prayed for a mentor. Through divine provision Shauna’s methods quickly came into my life, so I attended my first event the next month.

I had been dealing with a massive trauma on my own and had never shared it with anyone aside from those closest to me. What I learned from Shauna about that trauma was immeasurably valuable. I learned how lucky I am to have survived and I discovered a way to speak about the events themselves.

Just hearing her say that what was done to me was the worst experience she’d ever heard of validated me in a deeply impactful way. I knew it was bad, but not how bad. I knew there was tremendous potential and purpose for my life that I was blocked from accessing, but still I felt guilt around my ineffectiveness in life. Together we did family constellation therapy on the traumatic event and I got to take a huge step in digesting the experience and overcoming it. Every bit of guilt and shame went away. All I had been hiding from was opened up to the light. It was a profound relief, and it started a great shift in my life.

I realized I needed to do more. My inner child had been in the driver’s seat for a LONG time and I needed to sort out my entire life. As a holistic healer and biofeedback practitioner, I understood generational trauma and how it’s passed down in the DNA. I knew there had to be more to discover, so

I took the leap to attend a 10-day retreat in Utah, even though it was very intimidating for me. At that retreat I was stunned to witness the immensely dark energetics of traumatic experiences that lived within people’s lineage. In the same moments I learned how horrible humans can be to one another, yet I witnessed the resolution of deep, trapped trauma as it was transmuted in real time before my eyes. The unimaginable events we saw being played out in the constellations represented the worst points in humanity’s history. Yet, the power of constellations was evident as the group members came into their healing. What was grotesque and disturbingly fascinating became beautiful.

Energy can not be created or destroyed. It constantly comes into form, through form and out of form. The energy of our ancestors’ emotional experiences literally impacts how our bodies are created. It controls the expression of disease, or health and well-being. Even though energy cannot be destroyed it can be transmuted. Themes that had been playing through my lineage for generations came to a stop the day they were eliminated at the retreat. Amazingly, a relative of mine who had a tough relationship to me in the past reached out to me the very same day I experienced this! She “felt” the shift that was created that day in the circle.

My belief is that we are here to heal what our ancestors did not want to deal with or were unable to cope with in their lives. The fact that negative energy is passed down through the generations is well known within the practice of energy medicine, aromatherapy, and ancient scripture. Our DNA is a mirror of our past experiences, and that of our lineage. But it can be impacted energetically. The personal results are stunningly powerful, and the impacts within the collective are sacred. I’ve since read Shauna’s books and taken her classes, and invited her to speak at my own retreats. Her wisdom has opened a new aspect of life for me and has enabled me to create completely different relationships where mine were broken. I cherish this result above all others. I’m excited for my next constellations!

If you’re on the fence about attending an event or joining a class, take courage and go for it!

Araiah Jazzar

Norman, Oklahoma

If you know anyone who is afraid to face the fears and trauma of their past, Family Constellation Therapy is the quickest most effective method you will find. I am here for you and anyone else that needs my help and support.

-Shauna Cuch

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200