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Matias has special permission from the Egypt government to open this up again because we are short 200 people. The deadline for this is January 22nd. If you cannot come to Egypt, you can always bring Egypt to you. If you are serious about it, I will send you the information on videos where Matias is going into great details to teach us what we are doing on 2-22-22. If you want to get on board from where you are at. Create a space to join us at a distance. Contact me if you want to learn more and watch the videos. I will send you a full summery of the instructions.

Matias is dividing us up into the five elements for a specific reason. Every instruction he is giving us has a very special purpose. We have chosen the elements because we are working for the earth. Therefore we are representing the elements for the planet. The Greeks established the five elements that represent the basics of earth. So we are able to understand its reality how did identify the elements? When it comes to network each element is represented by a geometry atlantean cosmology interpretation

The individuals of each group need to have the geometry below in mind higher tetrahedron it’s flame divine flame we’ll meet the water group on the 19th February and work till the 22nd it will ascend and expand the light of consciousness it will ignite the divine spark inside the pyramids it will transmute it will ignite the divine spark wisdom, love, will it will activate on inside the pyramid.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether By summoning the five elements above, we create the entire cosmos. Putting it all together, we create a vehicle that we can travel to all dimensions and all the Universe ~ I was on a conference call with my sons, Brigham, and Jason. I have seven sons, but I am in conversation with these two sons a lot because we are going to Egypt together. In truth, the three of us are always in conversation because we are all three on the same page with our beliefs. My other children have other interests but the three of us are always interested in learning more about how to be in service by raising the consciousness within ourself and the planet. That is why we are so excited about what Matias is teaching us. “I did not know why I signed up for this trip to Egypt, I just knew I had to be there.” Jason said as he enthusiastically opened our conversation. “That is the same reason I joined!” I said excitedly, “Thank you Brigham for sharing and being in touch with Matias and what he is up to.” “I wish I had joined two years ago so I could have been more prepared than I am now.” Brigham said, “Nothing is working for me right now in my space. I have everything torn up, trenches for my plumbing and electrical everywhere. The snow came and my pipes froze. My help left suddenly, I have not had time to finish plumbing and tiling for the bathroom.” “When do you think you can get it done?” Jason asked with concern. “I don’t know, my neighbors asked me to help build a block wall because we share the water rights so I needed to be in integrity and help.” Brigham replied. “Mom has a group coming out in three weeks and it does not look like I will get it done in time for her group. And I am behind on my payments. In spite of all this, I am no longer stressed, I am really excited about Egypt, and I am more concerned about getting the 200 people to join than I am about anything else.” “That is awesome, it makes me happy Brigham; it does not do us any good to worry about things. We have set intentions and done our best, that is all we can do. It will all come together when it is supposed to. I will talk to my group and inform them of the conditions. I have started a page on my website with a donation button to help you out.”

Brigham has an amazing medicine space where he has a vision of creating a healing community to help people raise their vibration to the fourth density of the heart chakra. He had to pay for roads to be paved to get cement trucks in, he tore it all up because he is building a pergola with heat underneath the slabs. It seems like everything has worked against him. It was refreshing to know that he has let go of the outcome. I know everything will work out now.

Today Matias was teaching us about sacred geometry. He stressed the importance of learning about the geometry. He showed the significance of the sacred symbols and how they have been used as symbols of what people perceive as evil such as the swastika. Hitler copied it and applied it to his socialist art in Germany. Therefore, it is not related to the war, but it was copied because of its knowledge of millennial cultures and used in a dark way. The symbol of 666 used now as a symbol of the Devil, actually represents the sacred flower of life.

Matias shared with us that they are very sacred symbols, but they were taken by organizations to represent something else. Matias expressed vehemently, “ignorant people will call it bad because they do not understand it. That is how the belief in the devil was created.” “Lots of people carry a cross,” he continued, “because they believe it is related to God, Jesus, or love, but humans have been misled as the cross is simply a symbol of torture. It is like wearing a gun around your neck for someone who has been killed with it!” Tetrahedron ~ Octahedron ~ Hexahedron ~ Dodecahedron ~ Icosahedron ` These five shapes above generated everything!

All the ancient symbols of geometry explain how to connect with the Divine. The Egyptian created a structure called: Mer-ca-bah = Manifestation – Spirit- Vital energy. We will learn more about that later.

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