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7 Benefits of Transmuting Shadow to Light.

What is Transgenerational Trauma?

NO ONE TALKS ABOUT SHADOW! Where does it come from? What should I do about it? How does it show up? What is stopping me from happiness and joy? Why do I feel like this depression does not even belong to me?

Transgenerational trauma is the psychological and physiological effects that the trauma experienced by your parents or other ancestral members of your family system has on subsequent generations. I call this trauma shadow in your family system. Why you ask? Well, there is much more than just trauma. It could be dysfunctional family patterns, parental imprints, ancestral patterns. Basically, shadow is when these unconscious negative energies interfere with your health, your relationships, and your goals and dreams. Dr. Bruce Lipton says that 70% of your unconscious thoughts are stopping you from living your dreams and goals.

It seems overwhelming to face into your unknown parts of you that are running your life, but once you realize how simple it is to transmute it by observing it, it feels magical and powerful rather than feeling like a victim to everything that happens in your life. . . .

1. Integrating and transcending your shadow allows you to live a life of more freedom, compassion, and creativity. By shining a light on the parts of yourself that you have been neglecting or hiding away, you can begin to make peace with them and understand how they help shape who you are today.

2. Transcending your shadow allows you to live in alignment with a frequency of higher consciousness; this frequency is often referred to as Christ Consciousness. When operating from this frequency, you can tap into your inner wisdom more easily and experience more joy and love.

3. Transcending your shadow helps you discover how your unique gifts can be used for the highest good. When you are aware of your shadow self, you can use it to create positive change instead of engaging in destructive patterns and behaviors.

4. Integrating and transcending your shadow allows you to be more present with yourself and others. By understanding these aspects of yourself, you can move beyond fear-based reactions and create more meaningful connections.

5. Integrating and transcending your shadow helps you to discover inner strength and resilience. When faced with difficult situations, you can draw on the power of your true nature to overcome any obstacles in your path.

6. Transcending your shadow encourages self-reflection that leads to greater understanding and healing. Through this process, you can connect to your higher self and recognize the potential that lies within you.

7. Integrating and transcending your shadow is a powerful way of achieving transformation on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. By embracing both the light and dark aspects of yourself, you can access the fourth dimension and move towards your highest potential.

By integrating and transcending your shadow, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and live a life of greater joy, abundance, and love. In doing so, you will be able to connect with your inner wisdom so that you may experience deep transformation and alignment with the frequency of love.

Family Constellation Therapy is one of the quickest ways to transmute these unwanted patterns. It is a simple process; You as the seeker, sit in a chair next to a trained practitioner, and simply observe with a strong intention of love, while members of the circle act out the uncoscious stuck energy that lies hidden in your electromagnetic field.

The magic of Family Constellation Therapy happens, your energy of fear, shame, and love are integrated and you will experience a huge shift in your life. There is no charge for your first time as a representative, so there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain from watching the magic happen from an intention of love.

If you don’t understand, join our Conscious Community and speak to those who have experienced it. There are many testimonials that show the benefits of Family Constellation Therapy.

Dr. Shadow
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200