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Can We Contribute to Keeping Our Children Safe?

What is happening in society that our young adults are willing to kill in order to get attention or vent their anger?

Hurt people hurt people! That is a known fact. This is why parenting is such a serious responsibility. There are so many areas I could go into with that statement but for now let’s talk about young adults. Those who need attention so badly and hold enough anger or apathy inside them that they are willing to KILL!

In order to take that action, they must be disconnected from their heart space. The seventeen inches from the head to the heart has been completely severed. What would cause that in a child’s life? 

Stop and think about how many children are looking for love on the internet in spite of the danger because they feel unloved, lost and ignored? What would cause that in a child’s life?

I have raised eleven healthy children who make huge contributions to humanity. We were at poverty level when they were small, my husband was verbally abusive, I was widowed with six at home, I became a latch-key mother/father/provider. 

What was the common denominator with all of them? Was I perfect? No, I had deep issues. Was I a good Mom? No, I was a responsible mom with the belief that if I gave them all the love and attention they asked for, they could find inner peace as an adult.  

My suggestion for you as a parent. It is not how much time you spend with them, it matters if they feel seen, they feel heard, and they feel safe. Even when they make huge mistakes they know you will love who they are not what they do.

Close the Gap of Separation within us, with our children, with our parents! If you struggle with this lets explore what is stopping you from receiving or giving unconditional love.

The Sin is in the Secret

What does this mean? Do you have family secrets? Keeping truth hidden in dark places is why that dark energy gets passed on to your children. The darkness of secrets can create horrible shadow that controls your life or your child’s life in a very subtle way.

The sin is not in the behavior, the sin is keeping the truth hidden for the sake of your shame. It basically doubles your trouble and keeps getting passed on with increasingly more darkness and power to your children. This can cause suicides or violent behavior in children because they are carrying your baggage. It can be too much for them so they begin to act it out. If you suppress it with busyness, euthanize it with drugs or alcohol, or shut down because you feel so much shame that was probably handed to you from your parents so you do not understand why. END the cycle of dysfunction with bringing light to the secrets.

I am speaking to what keeps you in a low vibratory state of Being. This causes a huge gap of separation that has you struggle for success in life with love and money. 

As a practitioner of Family Constellation Therapy, many times I am dealing with heavy trauma that we transmute and release from your energy field. The biggest cause of heavy negative stuck energy that can cause illnesses is hiding or keeping secrets. This is a massive form of resistance and what you powerfully resist, will powerfully persist until you end up with serous illnesses. 

 Some of the secrets I am talking about could be secrets kept by. your ancestors, affairs, abortions, adoptions, sexual exploration, victims of abuse, etc. 

You would be amazed how the truth will set you free! Especially when you put your secrets in the Family Constellation Therapy circle to be healed. We keep it confidential and keep you safe.

No one has to know all the facts unless you want them to. You don’t have to broadcast it. But you can get it healed and find forgiveness either for yourself or others. 

Let me share a story about this, a young innocent girl as soon as she turned 8 years old. She was diagnosed with ODD. At 8 years old, she became very disruptive at home, at school, and with herself. By 11 she had threated to kill her parents, herself, and her friends.

We put a representative for her parents and her. Then we brought the ancestor from 3 generations back who had experienced a murder. After healing was complete in the circle her parents were so relieved.

The next week we got a text from her on our group text. . . .
Hello everyone, I want to give an update on my daughter, remember we did a constellation on her, she has ODD. Well….the first few weeks were hell with her but we have had time on our side and she is 80% better than what she was. I wish you could see the transformation. she is actually speaking up and expressing herself and her emotions in a very healthy way. Very few blow ups are occurring and she is becoming better and better each day. It’s a God given miracle and the work works. Thanks so much Shauna for all your help. Bless you all.

Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200