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I am living an incredible life since I have discovered my ability to help others alter and transform their shadow into the light. To bring an end to their suffering by facilitating ancestral Family Constellations.

I have no words to express the gratitude for the wisdom that led me onto this path. Once you lean into your trauma long enough to discover the wisdom and rewrite your past, that is when you find freedom from the chains that bind you.

Not a day goes by that I am not feeling the power of choosing to arrive on this earth to live at this amazing time as a Bid Soul Making Big Promises.

To create the adversity in my life so I could pull myself up from my bootstraps and own all of it and learn from it!” This 3rd dimension realm of separation is a result of forgetting who we are from this veil of shame and fear in our energy field.

This is a new era, Mother Earth is shifting and sending ancient future wisdom if we are listening. It is our God-given right to know for ourselves.

We no longer have to follow the official narrative of religious dogma that separates us from God because we were told by an intermediate that we don’t have permission to come into His presence. I am a lover of Jesus Christ and all Ascended Masters that are willing to teach us. I AM an open and empty vessel.

I have met so many amazing people on this path of freeing themselves from this control. The vision and dream I have held sacred for years was to start a Conscious Community to gather Big Souls that are committed to share gifts, support one another, and honor the One Truth, the I AM!

We have our own social media and all the tools to make this possible. That dream has come to fruition and I am so thrilled. It is just the beginning, yet I see the vision of more to follow! Here is a story written by one of my participants. . . .

“I am 61 years young.  I have been in counseling every week/month, from the age of 11 years to 33 years of age.  This mode of work kept me alive, yet the issues never really dealt with and therefore, never went away.

I was suicidal from (maybe?) an “almost” drowning at 2 ½ to continue on to many suicide attempts throughout my life.  Some closer than others. I am now happy to say….. I failed in those attempts!!! I was not always able to say that.

From a young age, I was always in search of some relief.  I tried reading books but to no avail. I went through Alcoholism, anorexia/Bulimia and other run away and hide techniques.

I finally went off antidepressants and stopped calculating how to die by around the age of 54. What I really wanted to be rid of was the apathy and complacency that stayed. I have made going to workshops a career since 1985.

I started hearing about ancestry work and thought “REALLY??”  But then I thought, “Why not??, maybe??” I showed interest but never took the steps to participate.

Then I tried constellation work with Shauna.  I was amazed at the plethora of aha moments that came from just being a representative. My “darkness” (or now what I know as my shadow) started lifting more and more.

I decided to do a Personal Constellation around my family. I was shocked with the things that came up. Things that people had no way of knowing. Things that were only relevant to me and my family. One outcome that was the oddest to me was that a week and a half later, my mother, for reasons of her own and had severed all ties with me for 7 years, had SUDDENLY called me. I wanted to believe it was a coincidence yet I know better. I could hardly believe it. I did nothing different except to participate in the Personal Family Constellation.

A year later, I joined Shauna in a 4 day retreat. We worked with horses and did many constellations in the group. What I found evolved was a constant release of darkness and a beautiful unfolding of light in my soul. It continued for weeks.

I have learned that I have cut ties with some things in my past. Cut contracts with family members that I did not need to take on, and one I didn’t even know existed because it was buried so deep. The pain was so deep that I did not want to face it.  After the constellation, I found the courage to do that on my own. I needed the guidance of someone like Shauna that can “read”, “sense”, “Know” where shadows hide and helped me feel safe enough to face the trauma and then release.

It has not been perfect because I had many shadows. But those particular ones have not reared their ugly heads since and I am grateful.

If you are ready to move on and let go of some of your family trauma, even the hidden ones,  I would highly recommend working with Shauna.”

Thank you Lorrie, it was such a privilege to watch you transform with ease and grace.

Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

With Family Constellation Therapy, you are able to see your shadow side and understand yourself and the resistance you have to your truth. You sit and watch the movie of your life play out, transmute the shadow to love, light and truth. Flipping the switch of the unconscious to the conscious mind. 

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