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I Am Back! Time for Egypt!!!

Maybe you are wondering if I dropped off the planet in all my excitement but alas, I am back.

I just completed facilitating my 10-day intensive ancestral healing event. It WAS very intense and quite miraculous! One participant said it felt like a roto rooter cleaning her energy field of all her deep ancestral baggage. I thank all of you who contributed to the miracles. I had a few hiccups, like my private chef got covid two days before it started. That left me very little time to come up with a menu, shop, get it prepped and ready to have the ability to prepare it in 30 minutes or less. On top of that, my event manager had a family crisis and had to take off. Whew! We all persevered and it was better than ever. In fact, it was magical.

Alas it is time to make the trek to Egypt! First Brigham and I leave St. George and drive to SLC to meet Jason so we can fly to Egypt together. We will spend the next day together meditating, getting on the same page, and getting all the requirements and itinerary printed off. Then get our covid test. There are 1440 people attending this event and they are incredibly organized, but we have to print a lot of


I have had so many people calling and contacting me about the details, so I am glad to get back to writing about this event. I started a group on Telegram Messenger called Activate the Planetary Network. I will keep you informed there as well as this blog if you want to join you are welcome. Or contact me at after you download the app I will put you in the group.

My sister Chantelle came over and asked my young son, “Brigham, can you explain why Egypt?”

“Sure” he replied, “We are going to Egypt because that is where the great pyramid Gaza is. Gaza is the axis of the grid, so it was chosen as the seat of the planetary wisdom. We are going to incarnate the nodes which are the portals of the Earth. We will become the nodes and there are keys or codes that activate the grid. So Egypt is the place to do that because it is the axis of the grid”

If you do not understand why any of this matters, we have a list of five books you might want to read to understand changes that are about to take place. In fact, in a few months, I will have a book challenge with each one of those five books for anyone who would like to read and discuss them if you want to join us on our new website that is coming up soon. . .


Shauna Cuch

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200