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I am the infinite; I am the unified.

I have found the only way to be a leader is to unite with others on a vision through infinite influence and alignment of my own Source. When I get laser focused and attached to the how or to get a certain result, I get in my head and begin to push and pull to make it happen. My mind becomes activated in the doing and I begin to feel the need to control. I am separate rather than heart centered and I have lost sight of the vision.

In order to recognize the balance in all gestation of what I am creating, I have learned to prepare and embrace the opposition or shadow that always shows up when I am up to big things. If I am attached to a certain result than I resist it or fight it rather than  become the observer of the resistance. Once I learn to become the observer and bring the shadow into balance with the light, I am connected with the present and higher version of myself. The observer and the observed become one. The power behind a heart-centered influencer is to become the observer rather than judge the observed as bad and wrong. The reality is the experience of working through that is my perfect teacher to gain wisdom. 

Leaders that are experts and influencers, keep the focus on the vision and intention and inspire everyone else to do the same. How do we influence people to follow that vision? The mantra is: Be the change, if you want change. Access your infinite Being, your higher version of you, then hold others accountable for their own actions.

The more people we gather as a tribe or community, the more challenges we may face, the more personalities that show up. My experience of leadership has caused many learning opportunities for my growth. I have run into many obstacles along the way that brought me to my knees. It is a humbling experience to become a heart-centered leader and influencer. Yet it is so rewarding to lead the way with love, to be your word and speak the truth. To be the light, to know and embrace your darkness rather than put your Self on a pedestal separate from others. Own it and integrate rather than hide your shadow. To be the infinite truth and unify the collective consciousness on the planet, we must start with our Self and open our eyes to our unconscious shadow.

Judgment causes separation; unconditional love leads to oneness. Oneness within creates unity without. An influencer will discourage separation and promote unity. Separation is part of the old paradigm of 3D because we did not understand that we are all an expression of Creator.

Anyone who is taking on the task of being your adversary, may not even realize they are playing that part for you because they are dealing with their own version of shadow. We end up finding out years later that we were in harsh judgment of many situations because we were not able to look through another person eyes.

Once you do away with the terms righteous\evil, good\bad, right\wrong, and you learn to agree to disagree, we can love each other for our differences. Does that mean we don’t have to be accountable for our actions? Not at all, It is all simply neutral. Anytime you label or shame someone else or their actions, you have just put your hooks in their energy field and now their hooks are in your sacred space. So stay in your own lane. 

If you really want to discover for yourself what is in your energy field, step into the Family Constellation Therapy circle and see what your not seeing, own what you not owning, love where you are not loving.

Below is a great mantra to help you create a balance within your energy field. When you take 100% responsibility for everything in your life, your are able to stand in your power and speak your truth because you have nothing to hide. Even stating the I AM, you are integrating, because when making the statement; “I am” I is the EGO and AM is a CREATOR.

1. I am the love and the way.
2. I am the word and the truth.
3. I am the light and the dark.
4. I am the infinite and the unified.

Shauna is Founder of Journey into the Heart. She is the author of a #1 international best-seller called Big Souls Make Big Promises. Shauna has an incredibly successful course called Mastering Sovereignty, where she helps you find peace of mind amidst the chaos and bring sovereignty to the soul in any given situation. She is also known to assist in uncoupling relationships that are toxic to relieve the pain without unnecessary drama, divorce, and expense.

She is trained and certified in Systemic Healing or Family Constellation Therapy, a method widely used in a multitude of countries that value the work. Her use of a wide variety of specific and dynamic modalities raise the vibration, frequency and consciousness with her wisdom in the circle. Her approach is unique, individualized and draws on her years of experience not only in Family Constellations Therapy, but Shadow Clearing, which is transmuting darkness to light within our divine energy fields.

Shauna is an expert at helping you take a deep dive into self-love so you can love more fully. She researched over 100 men and taught over 200 women while earning her qualifications to help understand the not so obvious differences between men and women. She is also a coach in communication courses and a sought-after business consultant. Shauna is known for events that deepen your awareness to find the communication skills of emotional sovereignty.

She was raised under extreme circumstances that has only made her more resilient and determined than ever to make a difference. She has a lot to offer including creating a different reality much like she did for herself, now working with various professionals and communities. She is the mother of eleven successful children that make huge contributions to the world. The HBO series “Big Love” was her story. She won “Mother of the Year” from the Utah governor as well. 

She has created a course that offers a deep and rigorous healing of traumatic issues that are left behind from your ancestral baggage. Nothing compares to the impact this has on disrupting unhealthy patterns and raising your frequency and lifestyle significantly. Learn more about our Relationship Alchemy course that elevates your relationship with your Self like no other course offered. Sign up now for a strategy session with Shauna to discover what is possible.

Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

“The constellation work has helped me see whether my issues were solely personal or carried on by me through ancestors. In the constellations, the truth has been revealed to me, of the emotions and traumas that have been unexpressed for generations, making it hard for me to progress. I have felt freer in my own life to let go of trauma and to live more whole and to know myself more and more each time and with each day.”
-Jade P.

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