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What is Happening, Life is Challenging!

I would like to share my secret thoughts with you. My survival conversations were running my life and I did not realize how buried I was in Shadow my entire life. I have always been the type to find a solution for everything rather than excuses. 

Being the 10 of 13 children back in the 50’s, I came from a scarcity of everything: Love, money, food, clothes, safety, nurturing, education, support. I survived it by working hard for a result. Nothing was going to stop me or get in my way! I truly believed that I could have anything in my life if I worked hard enough. 

If I did all the right things, then surely God would bless me. I was honest, righteous, virtuous, committed, responsible, compassionate. I am fearless when it comes to creating, I am wildly successful and can pull anything off. I had great results long enough to taste the success just around the corner, then lose it the minute I could almost lay my hands on it. Over and over, I created amazing results only to lose it over and over. Nothing lasted for me, I learned every kind of healing modality I could find, and still I failed, until I discovered Family Constellation Therapy. 

That is why I am so passionate about sharing this part of my life with you. I have developed an amazing new program that will accommodate anyone in need of this precious work. After sixty years of failures, I have something to offer everyone interested in doing what it takes to expedite their evolution process. 

I discovered so much dense, heavy shadow in my energy field I will call trauma or shadow. Shadow is considered anything that is not aligned with your higher Self. Shadow was unconsciously running my entire life causing me a lot of grief. I did all the right things but I did not hold the vibration of abundance and unconditional love. I had trauma, fear, and ancestral shame stored away in my energy field. The real coverup for shadow is being a work-a-holic ~ Serve-a-holic. Do not waste another day working hard for love and money. IT DOES NOT END WELL EVER!

I invite you with urgency, to avoid putting off the inevitable.  The time is NOW!  Discover what is in your energy field waiting to be brought to the light. It never goes away by wishing it away or avoiding it. Not at all, it stays until you do your due diligence and that is a simple but most important process available. Especially since I created a new program that makes this available for everyone. This new program will be launched very soon! But first, let’s get real and raw. What is shadow work? What is Familty Constellation Therapy? It is not about the stars by the way!

Shadow work is an introspective process of identifying and working through the parts of ourselves that we tend to ignore or suppress. These parts are often referred to as our “shadow” because they exist in the unconscious and can have a powerful impact on our behavior and relationships. Family Constellation and Personal Constellation are two approaches that can be particularly helpful in addressing shadow work.

Family Constellation is a therapeutic approach that focuses on exploring the hidden dynamics within families. It involves identifying and releasing the patterns and traumas that have been passed down through generations. Personal Constellation, on the other hand, is a more individualized approach that involves exploring the personal unconscious and discovering the deeper aspects of ourselves that we have yet to fully embrace.

Both Family Constellation and Personal Constellation can be used to explore shadow work. Here are some ways in which these approaches can be applied:

Identifying family patterns: Ancestral Constellation can help individuals identify patterns of behavior that have been passed down through their families. For example, if a person comes from a family where everyone is expected to be perfect and never show weaknesses, this can lead to the suppression of emotions and a tendency to avoid vulnerability. Through Family Constellation Therapy, individuals can become aware of these patterns and work towards breaking the cycle. Rather you believe it or not, it scientifically works.

Exploring personal beliefs and values: Personal Constellation can help individuals explore their own beliefs and values that may be holding them back. For example, a person may have a belief that they are not worthy of love and this may be causing them to sabotage their relationships or keep finding themselves with a partner that cannot love them. Through Personal Constellation Therapy, they can explore where this belief came from and integrate that negative energy,releasing what does not serve you.

Healing past traumas: Both Family Constellation and Personal Constellation Therapy can help individuals address past traumas that are impacting their current behavior. For example, a person who experienced childhood trauma may have developed a fear of abandonment that is affecting their ability to form healthy relationships. 

Through Constellation work, they can explore the roots of this fear and completely shift and tranmute the trauma. It is simple and effective to blast through it rather than hide it for years while creating it in your relationships.

Embracing the shadow self: Shadow work involves exploring the parts of ourselves that we by-pass, avoid, ignore or suppress. Through Constellation Therapy work, individuals can learn to embrace their shadow selves and integrate them into their lives. This can lead to greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and a deeper understanding of one’s own behavior and relationships. This will also free you of the shadow that lingers from sexual abuse and rapes. 

The vibration of that shadow, keeps attracting unhealthy partners that are abusive in some way because unconscoiously you inherited or experienced that trauma. You do not believe you are worthy of anything else so you continue to work hard for love.

In conclusion; Ancestral Constellation and Personal Constellation Therapy can be powerful tools for not just exploring  and discovering amazing breakthroughs, but disrupting DNA patterns that can be healed for our past and future generations. By identifying family patterns, exploring personal beliefs and values, healing past traumas, and embracing the shadow self, individuals will gain a greater understanding of themselves and their relationships. 

More importantly, it will raise the frequency of the 3D density that leaves us in a place of apathy, suppression, mental and physical illnesses, and unhealthy patterns that keep repeating and attracting unnecessary drama in our life. 

If you are interested in exploring Constellation work to integrate shadow work, it is important to find a qualified and experienced practitioner who can guide you through the process.

Please be sure to ask who your facilitator was trained by. It is very risky and unhealthy to put yourself into the circle with someone who participates in one or two sessions and decides it looks easy so they become a facilitator. That is like allowing someone to operate on you that diagnosed you from the internet.

It is very scientific and powerful, the time is now, we would love to introduce you to our Constellation Therapy. Or if youj are interested, contact us for more details about our train the trainer program. Sign up for a conversation with me on my website and you can address your concerns with me about getting into this powerful and amazing program we will be launching. 

Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Exper

My only two children, two sons, both died within a five year period. The trauma was so intense that I spent a couple of years in deep grief and then years in psychotherapy. I’m very grateful for the time in therapy and the skills I learned that help me to love myself, forgive and let go. But still there was something deep in me that needed help. In the safety of the “Circle” of Family Constellation, I was able to face the pain that I had buried so deep I didn’t know what it was or how to heal it. In the Circle, the buried emotions came up and out. And in the light of day, those terrifying, buried emotions were seen, heard, expressed and began to lose their power. The Circle initiated a clearing of dense emotions and a clarity which offered me the empowerment I needed to heal and to open myself to love. The Circle has transformed me in ways beyond what I had hoped for.

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200

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We offer you this free masterclass you save $200