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Matais Tells the Story of Creation

Every culture has their own creation story. Here is a man who remembers all of his past lives. He is telling the story from his point of view. He makes that very clear, all of this information is from his perspective. Be sure to email me if you want to actually see the Atlantean letters and the meaning of each one.

This story tells how the divine has created a path via all the universal laws to create different realities on this planet.

  1. The spirit crossed the door to see dash deliver itself and be able to receive an intention
  2. Takes that intention to go up and down every dimension to feel love and express it
  3. That way it finds the truth of the universe from the original it expands the spiral that manifests the dreams.
  4. From there it finds its axis in the heart able to wave the history igniting the divine flame in the flow of the life that ends up in constant transmutation
  5. It recognizes itself and everything it has created, and can enjoy, have and touch what it already has created in matter, which gives the will in order to nourish itself in this reality.
  6. This is how it becomes a creator itself to empower the mind in order to give power the energy to reach action
  7. This action flourishes and enables to face difficult moments in biggest crises
  8. Calls itself into the ancestors, its own path and history, coming from the heavens into something new called family so it could live different realities on earth
  9. This reality of earth it starts to learn all over again and designing its own life and acknowledging its own tools and connecting to the spirit to the deepest heart of this world

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