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My Two Sons Are Accompanying Me to Egypt

I am feeling deeply grateful for this amazing opportunity to be a part of this sacred task in Egypt on 2-22-22. Two of my sons signed up to go on this journey as well. I will be traveling with Jason and Brigham, we are all in three different groups, but we will be traveling together.

My young son Brigham is the Tatia for Grandmother ceremonies in Southern Utah. Jason is a horse whisperer and equine facilitator in SLC. I do family constellations and systemic ancestral shadow healing retreats four times a year in St. George.

I was raised in a very strict patriarchal system. It has been quite a challenge to own my past, be present and create my future. My young son Brigham was the one who introduced me to Matais De Stefano during that time. He has been very patiently supporting me in letting go of religious beliefs and dogma. To own the fact that I am 100% responsible for everything in my life.

My son Jason has stood by me since I was widowed at 42, built me two homes of which I lost, and helped me into my new home in St. George, Utah. While writing about my journey to Egypt, I will include insights and words of wisdom my sons have gained from this trip. All three of us have been following Matais and have had many discussions about his teachings for the past three years now. If you find yourself drawn to any of this, listen, there may be something for you. Only you know.

FROM BRIGHAM: There’s a vibrational threshold that we get to reach, which is the vibration of the heart to reach unity. We will soon have access to the new consciousness of the galactic federation to the interplanetary grids that he (Matais) is talking about today. To give us access to everything that we are striving for. It will happen if we stay humble and, in our hearts, to find unity and connectedness of the heart.

The activation of portals of these ancient grids were put in place by star people and by extraterrestrials and advanced civilizations from other planets. They have intimately connected with humans since before we were birthed as a race. The pyramids will be activated and there is so much information that Matais is releasing, it is incredible.

I’ll just speak from my place of humility; we are not a group of enlightened people or special people going to Egypt. We are a group of people who are coming with all our baggage of the past, our fears, our doubts and everything else. We are coming because we are trusting our hearts to unite with a common intention or unity of the I AM. That’s the key, that’s all that really matters.

Attached is the document my group leader sent for our first day. It gives important information about our participation each day from now until our trip. Matais will also be teaching and training us every day to prepare for our task in Egypt.

The one gem of wisdom I got out of today’s talk was how important everyone’s point of view is. Even if it is a catalyst for your own truth.

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