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Painful Yet Purposeful ~ Bless This New Year! 

As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year, my heart is filled with warmth and gratitude for the support I have received from all of you. This year has been one that has left a huge imprint on my heart with the passing of my son.

There were many challenging moments to reflect back on. The experience has given my life even more meaning and purpose.

Is it your time to redefine your past to create a new future? Possibilities are endless!

I ask this question on the eve of a new year because it may be a very critical time for you to let go of obstacles from the past. To keep your focus on what you are creating. Thus, moving into a forward motion this coming new year.

Maybe it is not about a list of resolutions that eventually get forgotten, but shifting our way of being to liberate us from being stuck in our past.

I witnessed my son Brigham growing up in his youth, living his life to the fullest. He was curious and full of risky adventures that were paralleled with deep dark agony and pain. . . .  until he was awakened to his own truth.

He was not afraid to face into and own the consequences of his past actions as well as learn from them.

The real courage was the example he set to find redemption by taking responsibility for his choices. From this place he found access to his Divine Love and shared his gifts with the world through his willingness to be vulnerable and find his humility, in spite of his past.

Brigham had a huge influence on bringing his siblings, nephews, nieces, and myself out of the rigid confines of religious dogma by his example of opening up the mind to new concepts. . . new oil in the lamp.

I would like to share  an excerpt from my oldest grandson’s talk he gave at Brigham’s funeral;


Today as I reflect upon your passing over, I feel your presence with me, full of peace, knowing that you accomplished your vision and became who you always wanted to be.  

You created the healing  center you always envisioned with your land down south, where you have facilitated the healing of many people, too numerous to count or name.  

Through the space that you held, people healed life threatening addictions, found forgiveness for themselves and others for the worst of human atrocities, cleared generational trauma, and gained access to a state of consciousness traditionally granted to only a few chosen individuals throughout history.  This miracle work  was a regular occurrence for these last few years of your life.

That to me, is Christ like.  That is the definition of a healer.  That is the embodiment of a spiritual leader. This is your legacy. This is who you are.  Your spirit and new consciousness will continue to live on forever in my heart and the hearts of all those that you loved and that loved you.  In all those that you healed, touched, moved, and inspired. 
You are a hero to many. A hero to myself. Your hero’s journey is complete. 

My beloved Brother Brig, 
I am you and you are me- together as one. 
Until we meet again, know that I  love you forever. 

Joseph. . . . . 

I am not preaching him to Heaven, for I know if Heaven means perfection he did not fall into that category! He lived life the way he saw it; his own authentic set of rules from the heart. Yet he had the courage to live life the way he saw it. 

The journey of the past year has been a tapestry of challenging experiences, woven with threads of love, laughter, and resilience.

As we bid farewell to the old and embrace the new, let us carry forward the lessons learned and the memories cherished. May the coming year be full of hope, kindness and positivity. Let this be the year we let go of our attachment to suffering. Let us find strength in unity within and without, and compassion for self and one another. 

May each day be a stepping stone towards personal growth and shared prosperity. Let us be the creator of our destinies, shaping a future filled with understanding, empathy, and unwavering support for each other. May our connections grow stronger, our bonds deepen, and our hearts beat in harmony.

Wishing you and your loved ones a New Year filled with love, laughter, and moments that take your breath away. May the coming year bring you success in your endeavors, joy in your relationships, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Cheers to new beginnings, to shared adventures, and to the beautiful journey that lies ahead. Happy New Year!

With heartfelt wishes,

Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

Through the work with Shauna, her team and the wonderful connections made, at first complete strangers than beautiful friendships, learning via 3D optics, the work is transformative. I learned just how much shame, guilt and resentment we hold and how crippling those emotions are. Through Shauna’s work, I have been able to shift in a dramatic way, creating stronger relationships with self love and my divine creation. It is very hard at first being a skeptic, but curiosity won and for that am grateful of this discovery. 

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