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Emotions Are Reactions ~ Feelings Are The Translation Of Energy

The Path to Health, Enlightenment, and Longevity.

In the grand symphony of life, our emotions play a pivotal role in orchestrating our well-being. Emotions affect your physical health in profound ways. They influence the state of your mind, your physical health, and even your spiritual awakening. We, as the human race, are on a journey towards new energies, guided and facilitated by higher realms. 

As founder of Journey Into The Heart, my intention is to offer you several solutions to find mastery over your emotions. The purpose is to keep your body in a healthy state of flow. The worst enemy to a healthy body is stuck energy from unexpressed emotions. Most often due to shame we carry around expressing dark or negative feelings and ignorance of how much ancestral baggage we carry that gets to be expressed. 

I was certified in all three levels of Quantum Emotional Clearing (QEC), by Lee Beymer. This is a simple yet deeper and more effective version of EFT. This method offers a a more stream-line transformative approach to help us address any health issue immediately that may surface.  Releasing negative energy that is not serving us to help us  navigate our path to natural health with greater ease. 

Our mission is assist you in your journey to bridge the gap between spirituality, health, wealth, and enlightenment. By realigning ourselves with the planets and striking a balance between mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, this equilibrium is the key to longevity, wisdom, and an enlightened state of being.

Understanding the Impact of Emotions
Aging, often perceived as an unstoppable force, is, in reality, a result of the emotional residue that accumulates in our bodies and energy fields over time. However, it’s possible to clear this emotional residue and maintain a feeling of youthful, vibrant energy. This rejuvenation isn’t just about looking and feeling younger; it’s also about gaining wisdom through longevity.

Achieving balance is a fundamental aspect of this journey. Our state of mind plays a crucial role in determining the balance in our lives. It’s about awakening to the light within our minds, achieving enlightenment, and recognizing our own immortality.

Disconnecting from the World
The world is a place of constant distraction and avoidance. In these moments of distraction, we disconnect from our true selves. We are often taught to turn off our feelings, locking them away within. This suppression is the work of the ego, a powerful tool of denial. Denial is an obstacle to our personal growth, blocking our path towards spirituality.

The Ego and Drama
The ego thrives on drama. When we are distracted by drama, our ego is in control, and this distraction shortens our lives. To break free from this counter-productive cycle, we must delve deeper than the ego’s protective mechanisms. Reducing personal involvement is the key to increasing our connection with spirit and diminishing the ego’s control. Quantum Emotional Clearing can facilitate this reduction in personal involvement and empower us to regain control of our lives.

Protecting Your Aura
Our aura acts as a shield, protecting us from negative energy. However, shocks and traumas can create cracks in our energetic matrix, allowing negative blocks to infiltrate our aura and cause physical and mental harm. QEC’s purpose is to clear these emotional blocks before they have a detrimental impact on our health.

Childhood Identity and Ego
At a young age, around 1 1/2 years old, we undergo an identity crisis as we distinguish ourselves from our parents. This moment marks the root of our ego, as we unknowingly adopt our parents’ perspectives. We can choose our parents and work through the energy we inherit from them. Clearing repressed emotions from childhood is essential, and it’s most effective during infancy.

Feeling vs. Emotion
Understanding the distinction between feelings and emotions is crucial. Emotions are reactions, while feelings are the reception, processing, and translation of energy into a specific purpose or understanding. Quantum Emotional Clearing allows us to experience our true selves by releasing triggers, leading to a greater sense of balance and connection with others.

The Power of Connection
In relationships, misunderstandings often stem from misinterpretations of intentions and motives. We have the power to control our energy and should not give it away to others. By strengthening our connection to ourselves and addressing childhood issues, we can break free from patterns that hinder our growth and misinterpretations that cloud our perceptions.

Your Word is Your World 
Refusing to participate in the consciousness of aging will make a huge difference to your health. Many people give up on life because their health declines and it is simply a matter of carrying so many unexpressed emotions. The 95% unconscious thoughts and emotions that scientists such as Bruce Lipton suggest we carry with us on a daily basis. If these emotions are not addressed they eventually cause unnecessary aging in the body functions. 

It is not that difficult to reverse your aging process by changing the way you think, talk, and get curious about what those hidden messages are that you have spent a lifetime avoiding. Never own a disease, state it as if it is outside of your body rather than identifying with it as if you are that disease.

Our journey towards health, enlightenment, and longevity is a profound one. There are many ways to address mental and physical health issues. Quantum Emotional Clearing is something you can access anytime you need the clearings if you are a member of our Conscious Community. The clearings are recorded so you can listen while gently tapping on your third eye with you three middle fingers. This  empowers you to first identify, then release the negative and finally, affirm our true selves, and conclude the cycle of negative emotional patterns. 

My daughter was sick for five days with the flu and she began to get very concerned about her health. I flew to California where she lived and found her still in bed and very sick. I pulled up the clearing for influenza and did the clearing with her three times. Within three hours she was getting up and dressed to walk on the beach with me. If you have had the Covid shots and feel you need a clearing for that just set up a time to discuss that at one of our Conscious Community Zoom calls.

By embracing transparency and seeking transformation, we can raise our vibrations and contribute to a more enlightened world. It all begins with the simple but powerful act of clearing shame and curses, unlocking the potential for a brighter, more balanced existence. This is a time of transformation, a moment of pause before the storm. Let’s seize this opportunity to correct our course, disengage, rest, and prepare for a journey filled with love and light.

Much love,
Shauna Lynn
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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Through the work with Shauna, her team and the wonderful connections made, at first complete strangers than beautiful friendships, learning via 3D optics, the work is transformative. I learned just how much shame, guilt and resentment we hold and how crippling those emotions are. Through Shauna’s work, I have been able to shift in a dramatic way, creating stronger relationships with self love and my divine creation. It is very hard at first being a skeptic, but curiosity won and for that am grateful of this discovery. 

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