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The Way, the Truth, the Dark, the Unified (Part 1)

I am the love and the way.

I am the word and the truth.

I am the light and the dark.

I am infinite and unified.

Many awakened souls are looking to create community or a place of belonging. Many souls crave community. have tried and failed to lead the community in a unified way. I am one of those, years ago I tried and failed, but I did learn a thing or two.

These are foundational principles that I believe are necessary to become a leader and influencer of a unified community. I am the love and the way.

There are so many personalities and points of view. Being able to love and accept everyone for where they are at, yet have firm energetic boundaries to maintain the structure that creates unity. Many of us get unconditional  love confused with control. Especially if you were raised in a loveless environment with controlling parents like I was. Can we lead with unconditional love if we do not love our Self? I had no idea that my core wound was “I am not lovable.”

The other side of Unconditional love is fear, blame, shame, and guilt. These thought patterns caused me to separate from my Source of love from within. Separation causes me to look outside mySelf for the answers. That most often leads to control. To push the river or try to hold it back even though we know control is an illusion. We can only control our energy field and what we are creating from that space. 

It takes a lot to stay focused and committed to our vision and intention when we are leading others. To stay heart centered in every act and deed is a huge commitment. 


As a leader, we get to also find emotional honesty within ourselves to lead others. We often beat ourselves up for what we consider mistakes that are learning opportunities. We project our lack of self-love on others for the learning opportunities they cause in our life when we are indeed the co-creator of everything we experience. 

Unconditional love is not an easy mark as a leader. It can become a vague expectation of perfection unless we investigate the depth of what it looks and feels like. . . 

I was severely abused and neglected as an infant in a polygamous family and I had no memory of it. I grew up believing I was unlovable, and I had to work hard for love. I was also raised in a religious bubble of fear, shame, and scarcity as a child. I grew up with absolutely no respect for my own sacred boundaries

This was all done in the name of patriarchal discipline. As a result, it took me a lifetime to understand the true meaning of love without conditions because I had never experienced unconditional love until I birthed a child. 

As an adult, I became a light chaser always working towards being right and righteous. That was an illusion coming from fearing God rather than awakening to the fact that my God-Source is love and I have nothing to fear. Discovering that I do not need to seek love outside myself because I am love. I am the creator of love; I am the creator of my life and love is the way.

Perfection is an illusion. We are love, when we allow ourselves to access and align to our God-given Superpowers that we all have available to us at any time. Leadership without unconditional love creates separation and a void from not loving our GodSelf enough to spend time connecting to our higher version of our Self. We often override and ignore our own basic needs that fulfill us. Self-love is difficult to find if we are bypassing our deepest fears caused by shame, blame and guilt. Learning to love others is loving yourself first. Loving yourself goes hand in hand with unconditional love

To say we love our Self, yet we have bitter enemies, is incongruent. Our feelings about others simply mirror feelings about ourselves. If we have created a conflict or separation from anyone in our life, consider this. Everything outside yourself is a mirror or creation of your shadow side. To judge others as bad and wrong causes separation within yourSelf. If we cannot forgive others, then we have not forgiven ourselves. To lead the way as leaders and influencers, the love that we emanate dissolves any conflict by listening and learning another point of view.

Does love without conditions mean we have no boundaries?

Energetic boundaries are an absolute necessity to find self-love and respect for our Self.  We cannot control or judge another’s actions or deeds. Yet, we determine what we allow in our sacred energy field of love, light, and truth. Discernment of the energy you surround yourself in is important. Yet, if we put ourselves or anyone else in judgment or even on a pedestal or feeling less than within ourSelf, we are causing separation within and without. 

Allowing and accepting others to  experience their own path of learning by trial and error without judging them is essential for our own growth, yet we do not need to allow their negative actions to come into our love-space. 

The act of scolding or diminishing others who are there to teach us about ourselves is only because we judge ourselves so harshly. It is counter-intuitive to a leadership position. 

As leaders we put unnecessary expectations on ourselves to be on that pedestal and display perfection. This causes us to demand or insist on respect that we are not giving to our Self. When we hold ourselves hostage with unreal, unmet, expectations that causes us to withhold our truth. 

The missing piece in self-love is keeping our energetic field sacred within. We often think part of being a leader or influencer is to concern ourselves with other people and their problems or correct and point out failures in others. We can only BE vigilant to what we allow in our space and create a space of love for others to do the same and follow our example.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” – Mahatma Gandhi.

I am the word and the truth.

Will be discussed in the next blog. . . Click Here!

Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

“I went into the coral with Shadow. After connecting with him, we both gave him a heart to heart hug from both sides. As I was hugging him I felt something lifted from my chest, it was grief from my son’s death that I did not realize I was hanging onto. l had not allowed myself to grieve properly. It was such a relief, then Shadow took a deep sigh and so did I. I stepped back and looked up at him, he had two tears running down his face. It was profound, I will never forget it.”

-F C

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