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The Way, the Truth, the Dark, the Unified (Part 2)

I am the word and the truth.

What is your commitment to speaking your truth

Speak your truth quietly.

Listen when others speak.

Remember the wisdom that can be found in silence. 

What is the cost of being a truth-teller? Do people in general want to hear the truth? Even if you are speaking with integrity and kindness the truth can be harsh.

So many people withhold their truth or deny their truth even when it is really important or meaningful to them. It took me a lifetime of learning to respect myself and respect others, stay true to my authentic self, and allow integrity to be my guide.

Why do so many of us withhold rather than confront the challenges that come with speaking our truth? With integrity, kindness, and awareness, you will create a life of harmony and balance. It is your birthright! The world needs to hear the truth in spite of the judgments that come from speaking your truth!

Standing in my power, and speaking my truth with transparency is paramount no matter what or who it disturbs. The more leaders and influencers that confront truth rather than withhold it for the sake of not stirring the waters, the greater influence we have on the planet’s consciousness.

Life has taught me there is an art or finesse to use when confronting others. Confrontation is stating the truth with firmness but kindness. This creates invisible boundaries that few dare to cross. Transparency and confrontation without make-wrong is an important part of the truth and holds a high vibration of love and light

When someone withholds their truth, everyone else can see it and often feel the need to deal with it, until it is communicated out in the open rather behind someone’s back. If not, it shows up eventually as passive-aggressive from resentment of spite that disrupts the flow of truth.

I spent my entire life in fear of my truth. The reason for my abuse was to shut me down by beating me and confining me in the crib for crying. I was the rebel; I was born to disrupt this pattern. My mother did the best she could as a mother, but I was too much for her. She suppressed her desire for a career and birthed thirteen children she always expressed she never wanted. Why should I have the right to freedom if she did not?

I developed an inauthentic version of forcing my truth on others at a young age. Even my voice was forced and disconnected from my heart. I had a shadow that was going to prove I was not lovable by speaking out of turn and then feeling a huge amount of shame for it. As my mom’s tenth child, I had gained a reputation for being rebellious and difficult to control. I was unconsciously programmed to fear self-expression or expect a severe consequence from my dad’s raging demand, yet I felt like a rebel against any authority. 

This caused a huge conflict within my inner Self to speak my authentic truth. I grew up talking non-stop about nothing or I was too afraid to speak at all when my heart was full. It felt confusing and repressing to exist. I developed severe learning disabilities from the brain trauma. Learning in school was challenging, so I dropped out in tenth grade to marry my childhood sweetheart. 

It has taken me years to learn about what happened to me and why I felt so much shame. I struggled to find normalcy in self-expression. Finally, in my sixties, after years of frustration and pain, I discovered family constellations. With this method, I was able to experience the healing necessary to access my truth. 

I had to share this with the world. I became trained and certified as a practitioner. My life purpose is to offer this magical yet scientific healing method to the world and speak openly about my truth

An influencer knows when to use wisdom and when to stay silent. When it is my own know-it-all shadow coming up, I honor that and just sit with it. I take the time to go within for self-discovery to avoid unnecessary conflict or knee-jerk reactions. 

The opposite of confrontation is conflict. Behind conflict is fear rather than love. This is not confrontation but a shadow within. This will cause pointing the finger because of incongruence within. Confrontation gently pierces the heart and opens awareness. Conflict offends and shuts down the heart. 

When someone is in your lane and they are in your business speak out with kindness (especially parents and children). For example, you might say, “Thank you for sharing, but that does not resonate with me.” Or “Thank you for sharing but that does not belong to me” or “that is not my truth.” When someone is blaming you, you can say, “So, what I am hearing is that you feel hurt.” (Give generous listening). You could respond, “Would you like some help processing your frustration?” When someone is disrespectful you can make a request such as, “I feel disrespected when you attack, can you restate your issue in a non-violent way?”

Conflict is explaining, arguing, and defending facts as proof to make you right and others wrong. Judging others who are not where you are when you consider yourself as an expert and influencer. Beware of creating separation.

You can also hold a space of love rather than compromise in silence or defend truth. Truth does not need defending, truth stands alone. If we do not believe our truth, then we will attempt to defend or explain our truth.

Oftentimes, if we hold ourselves to high expectations of perfection, we bypass owning our truth because we have a fear of not being perfect

If you have an ultimate vision and intention of your Divine Plan to fulfill your purpose, stay with that intention and you will alter or transmute negative opposition that arises onto your path. If unhealthy patterns keep showing up, shift the blocked energy and seek out the truth by exploring family constellations.

Speak your truth lovingly and with reverence. Be willing to hear the other side if you want your truth heard. Stand firm in the integrity of your core values while maintaining respect for yourself and others. Your unique perspective is respected and honored. Speak your truth without guilt or regret. It is not your business if it hurts someones feelings. Truth is the stirring pot when it is spoken with compassion and empathy. The result will be fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy. Even more powerful than that, being bold but kind stating your truth, you can shift the frequency in your life and those around you. You are worth it!

I am the word and the truth.

Speak your truth quietly.

Listen when others speak.

Remember the wisdom that can be found in silence. 

Shauna Lynne
Relationship Mentor and Shadow Expert

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“After my daughter passed away I felt I pushed everyone away. I did not want to get close to anyone. I did not realize how I kept people away from me until I did the boundary work. When I did the body scan in the grove, it was the first time I ever listened to my body speak to me. I heard my daughter’s voice saying “Mom, it is time to heal.” That was the first time since she died that I heard my daughter’s voice. When I got a hug from the horse I felt I had that burden lifted off of me. He kept trying to get me to connect and I finally hugged him and cried a lot.”
-Krista T

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