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The Way, the Truth, the Dark, the Unified (part 4)

I am the infinite; I am the unified.

Have you ever tried living in a shared community? It is a real challenge to bring people together in harmony. It is very easy to have it slowly shift into a cult-like community where there are powers-that-be who have the full control of your life. A hierarchy where you have no say and you are the one giving your all while the leaders are taking your free will. 

Yet, if you can pull it off, there is so much to learn from the community.  To lead and influence is to lead yourself and set the example of unconditional love. When we single focus on a result, we get busy in our head and begin to push and shove to make it happen. We focus our attention on what’s not working or fear of failure and our mind becomes active. We begin to feel the need to control, we are separate from ourselves when we go outside to make it happen. Then we begin to create separation from our higher Self and point the finger at others, trying to control people is never the answer. That is why many churches are losing members at such a rapid rate. 

Leaders and influencers stay focused and grounded on their vision and intention. They share the vision and uplift those who need support. This is the only way to unify people to move toward one goal, one vision while putting Source first in your life.

Never losing sight of what energy and frequency you are putting out to others. How do we influence people to follow that vision? The mantra is to Be the change if you want change. Access your infinite Being, your higher version of Self.

The more people we gather, the more challenges we encounter. My experience of leadership has caused many learning opportunities for my growth. I have run into many obstacles along the way that brought me to my knees. It is a humbling experience to become a heart-centered leader and influencer. 

There is a famous experiment called the double slit experiment where science shows that you can alter and transmute energy if you have a strong intention and become the observer of that energy. When we come up against resistance to our vision or purpose the answer lies within. 

This will always be the case with anything you are creating. To connect with our infinite power from within. To recognize the balance in all gestation is to know that if you are working in the light, you will always encounter the shadow side of your creation. This is required in order to be balanced with shadow and the highest version of our Self. 

When we are heart-centered and we have the shadow or opposition interfere with our vision, we become the observer, the observer and the observed become one. The power behind heart-centered leadership is to become the observer rather than the judge. Even if the opposition is with people and personalities. 

As a leader, if we take on the responsibility of other people’s behavior or problems then our shadow comes into play. Speaking your truth with firmness and kindness to set energetic boundaries is the only way to shift people who are opposing you. 

We often want to control what is and we lose sight of our own infinite Being and our oneness within. If we are in partnership with the Divine mind, we are noticeably clear on our energetic boundaries.

We can step back and realize we are in our own hologram classroom to learn about our own separation of our Divine power that we have access to. Change in the world comes from Being the change. 

When we are in turmoil or conflict because of world affairs, look within for resolve or you may be creating separation. How often do we break down and become the cause of separation ourselves rather than the unified? Judgment causes separation, unconditional love leads to oneness. Oneness within creates unity without.

Where two or more people gather in My name there am I in their midst.

Shauna Cuch

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